Scat Fetish Videos

Clips of sexy shitting girls

Goddess Tempest felt that this slave needed to be warned and she did it with her scat fetish. The mistress felt that this slave would mess up with her if she did not send a strong warning and so she was duty bound to put him in his place. And that is how she made the guy lick her shit and eat it. The slave never went against her word.

Mistress Candy wanted this guy to eat her shit and so she came up with a way to do it. The mistress took a shit on the floor while the slave watched him and she then asked him to clean up after her. The slave was shocked at what she had done and what she was asking him to do but he had no say in the matter and he had to do as instructed.

This mistress felt that she had to test this guy's obedience and she went ahead to do it using her shit. The mistress chose to make the guy eat her shit and also drink her pee. So she asked him to do it and as he hesitated, she had to remind him that she was not going to repeat herself. He got the message and that is why he ate her shit.

When this mistress found out that this guy was out to fuck her, she did not like that. She had to make sure he stopped thinking in those terms and that he learned how to be romantic and to get girls the old fashioned way. But instead of her letting the guy get away with it, she chose to shit on herself and she made him see the mess and be disgusted by it all.

Mistress Milana wanted to communicate to this guy in a way that she was sure he would not forget. The mistress felt that he was ignoring to listen to what she wanted and so she had to come up with a way to torture him so that he did not ignore anything. The mistress went ahead to force the guy to eat her shit and drink her pee before she was done with him.

Madam Tulpan wanted to teach this guy to eat shit and since he thought she was kidding, the mistress had to force the guy to eat her poo. The mistress went ahead to use a spoon to make him eat it and she laughed at him as he struggled to eat the shit. But he learned that she was not messing around and that he had to learn how to eat it.

This mistress is blessed with big tits and she knew that they are a crowd puller. She wanted to find a way to use them as bait to entice a guy to do what she wanted. And that is why she chose to use her big tits to entice this guy and after he was turned on, she went ahead to force him to eat her shit and drink her pee.

This mistress felt that she was getting the short end of the stick as she was splitting with her ex. They were dividing their stuff and she felt that he was manipulating things in his favor and she did not like that. So she had to make him understand she wanted her fair share. So she forced him to eat her shit as she smoked and that is how she got her fair share.

Mistress Gaia wanted a refund from this guy but she did not get it and she was pissed at him. The mistress made sure that she taught the guy a lesson so that he stopped deceiving his customers. The mistress went ahead to force the guy to eat her shit and as he ate it, he wished he had given her the refund instead of having to eat her shit.

This mistress found out that this guy was a coward and she did not want to deal with him because she knew that he would not do what she wanted and in the way she wanted. So she made him eat her shit so that he learned to be courageous and to know that cowards were not allowed to be anywhere near her. The guy had to gain courage so as not to eat shit again.

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