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Clips of sexy shitting girls

This mistress is not one to use slaves and losers to enjoy her shit. She likes to enjoy her shit by herself. That is what she did today. She went to the bathroom and she enjoyed shitting and playing with it. She even took a piece of the shit in her hands and she ate it. She tried tasting it and was surprised that it did not taste as bad as she had thought it would.

Mistress Isabella could not understand why her slave was not able to do what she had told him to do. She was pissed as it amounted to insubordination to her. She forced him to eat her shit as punishment for what he had done. She did not care that it was gross and degrading. The worse it was for him, the better it was for her and would ensure he never did it again.

Mistress Maggie was broke. As she wondered where to get money, this guy approached her and wanted her to act for him. She was surprised when he told her he wanted her to shit for her on camera. It was an unusual request but she needed the money so she did it. She again and again and she loved it so much that she became of the best at it.

Mistress Gaia wanted to show her slave the consequences of his disobedience. She had never punished her slave and he was beginning to misbehave. She had had enough and she taught him a great lesson. She forced him to eat her shit and made him learn that disobedience brought him all that misery. The mistress taught the slave a cruel lesson and he learned his lesson although the hard way.

Mistress Anna was forced by her friends to try scat fetish. She had been resisting the calls to do it but all her friends had tried it and she was the only one yet to do it. She decided to try it so they got her a slave and she closed her eyes and shit on him. She felt awkward and had pity on the slave but she shit on him away.

Mistress Alina wanted to play a prank on her slave. She took a dump on a plate and she mixed it with other foods. She then garnished it and placed it in an airtight container to avoid it smelling. She waited for her slave to come home and she gave him the food to eat. He was starving and he dug in before he realized he had been played and was eating shit.

Mistress Gaia came home and found that her slave had not done what she had told him to do. She did not like that kind of disobedience and she had to put an end to it once and for all. She did this by trampling her slave with her bare feet as well as shitting on him. She shit on him and made sure he ate all her shit and swallowed it.

Mistress Rosella and her friend were bored. To keep themselves occupied and to have a little fun, they called their slave. They turned him into a human toilet and enjoyed as they made him eat their shit. The slave was humiliated but they did not care about him. All they cared about was their own fun which they had at his expense. He endured it all and ate all their shit.

Mistress Anna knew exactly how to break this guy. He was acting tough and a hard nut to crack but she knew of a way to break him. She tried a few silly moves to make him feel like he was winning. It was also meant to make him tired. Then she finally unleashed what she had wanted to do to him. She forced him to eat her shit and she broke him.

Mistress Roberta does not like slaves who tell her secrets. This one did and he lived to tell of what she did to him. She made sure he would never do it again by using her shit to punish him. She turned him into her human toilet and enjoyed shitting on him. The slave was degraded and he felt like dying but he learned his lesson and never told her secrets again.

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