Scat Fetish Videos

Clips of sexy shitting girls

Her colleague thought that she was harmless and could not hurt a fly but nothing could be further from the truth. This mistress did not want anyone to think that about her and that is why she chose to shit on her colleague to ensure that he did not make such assumptions about her and then act on them. He regretted what he had assumed as it had brought him grief.

This mistress is busy and she values her time. That is why she was pissed when this guy wasted her time. He had to understand that she did not take it kindly when someone did that to her. She had to do something that would communicate that to her. That is why she cruelly forced him to eat her shit and lick her asshole clean. He did it and learned from it.

This realtor had led mistress Medea to make a bad investment and that pissed he off. She asked her friend to help her punish him and the two mistress used shit to make him understand that he could not do what he did to her. He had to promise that he would never make anyone else go through that again. It was brutal but he deserved what they did to him.

Mistress Tulip was not ok with how her slave acted and she wanted to use poo to dominate him. The mistress used her shit to degrade him and she had a great time humiliating him. She made sure that by the time she was done with him, he would never do what he had done to make her punish and humiliate him in the first place. It worked as intended.

Mistress Jessica needed to find a way to deal with her cousin who was making her life difficult. She did not like that and she had to make sure that none of that nonsense continued because it was taboo for him to want to sleep with her. That is why the mistress had to teach him a lesson. She did this by shitting on him and he learned his lesson after she was done with him.

Mistress Wael loves to scare people and today she did it with her poop because she wanted to ensure that this loser learned his lesson. The poor guy was shocked to his core as he had to eat her poop and lick her asshole clean. He knew never to mess with her again and he was scared after what the mistress did to him. She got what she wanted from him.

After she took a bottle and she peed into it, this mistress handed it to this slave and she forced him to drink it. The guy had no choice but to drink it because the mistress made it clear that it was either that or he had to eat her shit as well as be trampled. The guy was humiliated but he drank it as he did not want to eat poo.

Mistress Alexandra did not want to let this contractor take her for a ride. He was not doing things the way they had agreed and she had to punish him for it. That is why the mistress chose to use scat fetish to deal with him. He was forced to eat her poo as well as smear it all over his face before she was done with him and made him redo the work.

Mistress Dula needed to dominate and punish her callous slave and she did it with her shit. Her repeated talks with him yielded no fruits and she had to change tact in the way she did it. The mistress chose to use her shit to pass a message that he would not be tolerated with his behavior and that is why she punished him and ensured that he changed his ways. He changed his ways after eating poo.

Mistress Dula had tried to punish this slave for a long time but he did not seem moved by any of the things that she did to him. She was almost giving up when she came across scat fetish videos. The mistress wanted to try it as a last resort before she chased the slave away. She was shocked to learn that it worked when she turned the slave into a human toilet. He could not believe it and that was the last straw for him to change.

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