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Mistress Nica wanted to scare this guy shitless and that is why she opted to torture as well as humiliate the guy. The mistress did not want to let the guy think that he could do whatever he wanted. That is why she sought the help of her friend and both of them used shit to punish him. He was scared and made to toe the line just the way the mistresses wanted.

Mistress Medea had taken a shit in full view of this guy she wanted to humiliate and dominate. The mistress had him watch it all before she told him that she wanted him to lick her asshole clean. The mistress was not going to use a toilet paper. Instead, the guy was to be her human toilet and it was not negotiable. He had to do it and he loved it.

This guy had thieving tendencies and when mistress Dula and her friend noticed that, they had to help him and that was by giving him tough love. That meant punishing him and dominating him for what he had done. That is how the mistresses chose to degrade the guy and to make him eat shit as well as drink pee. He had no choice but to do what the mistresses wanted.

With her hot ass, this mistress was almost overwhelmed with male attention. Sometimes it was flattering but at other times, it was not welcome. This guy gave her the unwelcome attention she did not want and she had to act. The mistress did not want him to continue stalking her and so she made him eat her shit and drink her shit before she was done with him and knew he would not do it again.

This guy had begged for a threesome from princess Nikki and mistress Medea. They are fun and outgoing so they agreed to try it. But he did not make them cum as he had promised. In fact, he was a one minute man and that was worse in a threesome. So they turned it from a threesome into his scat humiliation where he had to eat their shit and drink their pee.

Mistress Dula had a nagging slave and she was fed up with him. She wanted him to stop it but he could not. That is why she had to dominate him which she did in a way he could not imagine. The mistress felt that the best way to dominate him was to shit on him and she did not hesitate turning her shit into his breakfast. He had to eat it all.

This guy was trying to date this mistress but he was full of deceit and she did not want to start a relationship on such grounds. She did not want to be with such a person and immediately she found out, she tried to distance herself from him. But he kept insisting and she had no choice but to make him her human toilet and shit on him for him to know how serious she was.

Lady Scarlet wanted to demonstrate to her friend how to shit on a slave. Her friend had an interest in knowing how to do it but she had never seen it done and that is where the mistress came in. She turned this slave into a toilet slave and a human toilet as her friend watched. When she was done doing her thing, she asked her friend to give it a try too.

This guy was opportunistic and this mistress did not want to deal with such kinds of people. She had at first thought he was a good person until she noticed his opportunistic tendencies and she had to make him stop that. The mistress cruelly turned him into a scat slave and she had him eat her shit for him to realize that she would not allow him to take advantage of her.

Mistress Nica has a big ass and she has big tits. She is great between the sheets and that is why, in her opinion, her boyfriend was with her. He was pretty useless on anything that did not involve sex. He was even struggling to hold down a job and she was pissed at his lack of effort and she had to make him change or dump him. That is why she shit on him.

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