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Mistress Wael loves to scare people and today she did it with her poop because she wanted to ensure that this loser learned his lesson. The poor guy was shocked to his core as he had to eat her poop and lick her asshole clean. He knew never to mess with her again and he was scared after what the mistress did to him. She got what she wanted from him.

Mistress Alexandra did not want to let this contractor take her for a ride. He was not doing things the way they had agreed and she had to punish him for it. That is why the mistress chose to use scat fetish to deal with him. He was forced to eat her poo as well as smear it all over his face before she was done with him and made him redo the work.

Mistress Dula needed to dominate and punish her callous slave and she did it with her shit. Her repeated talks with him yielded no fruits and she had to change tact in the way she did it. The mistress chose to use her shit to pass a message that he would not be tolerated with his behavior and that is why she punished him and ensured that he changed his ways. He changed his ways after eating poo.

Mistress Anna is a positive person and as such, she does not condone any negativity wherever she is. That is why she used her shit to punish this guy today. The mistress had tried to shine some positivity to this guy but it did not work. She also tried to talk to him but it did not work either. So she had no choice but to make him eat her shit.

After she took a shit as this slave watched, the mistress stained the toilet bowl with her shit. However, when she was done, the mistress had the slave lick the toilet bowl clean. He had to especially lick the parts with shit so that it would be as clean as she wanted it. He was shocked at her cruelty but he did what she asked as he did not have any alternative.

Mistress Nica had a score to settle with her ex and she knew that there was no easy way to do so as she had tried many times before without much result. So she went out of her way to come up with a new way to do it. That new way involved shitting on the guy and she did so without any care in the world. It worked and the score was settled.

Mistress Yara found this guy infuriating and she was not ok with it. She felt that she had to punish him and that is why she searched for the best way to do it. She settled on shitting on him and that is what she did to him. The mistress had him eat her shit and by the time she was done with him, he wished that they had never met.

Mistress Klandestrina has a hot ass and this guy wanted a piece of it. He was dying to fuck her but he was not her type. As he tried his best to seduce her, she suddenly had the feeling that she could use him for fun. So she turned him into a scat slave and had him eat her shit as well as lick her asshole until it was clean.

When mistress Luciana decided to facesit this guy, she was doing it to punish him. She wanted to choke him a little and maybe fart on him for good measure but that was all. She had no intention to shit on him. But he called her names and tried to get her off so she got pissed and instead of farting on him, she chose to shit on him. He was shocked but had to eat it.

Mistress Alice wanted this slave to know that she was capable of anything and that she could punish and dominate him if she wanted to. That is why she chose to make him record her as she took a shit. He was grossed out as she did it and he had to smell the poop. But he had no say in the matter so he had to do what she asked him. He never messed with her as he knew what she could do.

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