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This mistress was not pleased that her doctor had not been diligent with her. He missed something a different doctor picked up on and she had to punish him for it so that he learned his lesson the hard way. The mistress chose to teach him a lesson so that he would be more diligent next time and this was done through shitting on him. It worked and he became more diligent.

Mistress Nemezis did not want this guy to ever go back to her house after what she had been through with him. He was so boring that she did not want to ever talk to him again. That is why she opted to cruelly torture him and she did it with her shit. The guy had to not only smear it on himself, but he also had to eat it.

This mistress had been accumulating skills which she never used. She knew how to shit on losers in theory because she had never done it practically. She was dying to try it and she wanted it to be perfect. So today she lured this guy to her house and she turned him into a scat slave and had fun shitting on the poor guy. He could not say no to her.

Mistress Nemezis is big on loyalty and when she noticed that this slave was disloyal to her, she had to dominate him which she did with her poo. The mistress had him eat her poo and he did not know what to do but he knew that if he did not do it he would be punished even worse than she had already done to him. So he toed the line.

Mistress Nemezis did not think that this slave deserved to be forgiven as he had been forgiven many times before. That is why she used her shit to teach him a lesson. The mistress did not want a repeat of the same so she used poop to send that message. And by the time she was done with him, he had learned his lesson the hard way and he was receptive to change.

This loser thought that just by pampering this mistress' feet, things would be ok and she would forgive him. But she did not and when he was done with her feet, she turned him into a toilet slave and he had to eat her shit. He never messed up again after that as he knew she would not condone that behavior from him. The shit worked and made him change.

This mistress felt that this married man was immoral and did not deserve to befriend her or to do anything with her. The mistress opted to dominate as well as humiliate him and she did so cruelly. The mistress used her shit to do it as she was sure it would work out well. He had no choice but to do what she wanted. He ate poop and promised to stop his immorality.

Her colleague thought that she was harmless and could not hurt a fly but nothing could be further from the truth. This mistress did not want anyone to think that about her and that is why she chose to shit on her colleague to ensure that he did not make such assumptions about her and then act on them. He regretted what he had assumed as it had brought him grief.

When this mistress noticed that her new neighbor was a pervert and that he did things that she did not approve of, she had to send a message and show him that he had to learn his lesson and stop what he did. So she cruelly forced him to eat her poo after she had teased him and lured him to her house. He was shocked at the turn of events but he got the message.

Mistress Nemezis had told her slave to keep everything in her house organized. But he was nosy and he ended up disorganizing her documents. She was angry and she had to put an end to that. He was punished with shit, something he had never imagined even in his wildest dreams. He ate it as he knew he was wrong and he did not want to anger her more than she already was.

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