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Clips of sexy shitting girls

The two naked ladies Rieke and Mia are in the Bathroom and both ladies take a nice hot shit and serve it up to each other on the plate. The two girls have to piss and shit in the morning, and of course they smell and test the tasting of their shit because they wouldn't have it any other way. Their shits are very different textures, one creamy and one solid.

This sexy ebony chick was feeling a little bloated and constipated this weekend so she decided to dink a little coffee with cream and sugar to help her pass whatever was in her system. That did the trick and the sexy ebony Took a nice big shit with some big wet farts and then made my slave come stick his face down in the bowl and smell me.

This Depraved Goddess takes a very quick shit on top of the toilet and wants you to eat it all up and than clean her dirty ass hole with your tongue. The sexy blonde goddess with her sunglasses on spreads her ass hole and quickly takes a brown log onto the paper towel along with a nice hot piss. She expects you to clean up all this mess with your tongue.

gorgeous college girl Denver takes a nice hearty brown shit in the red bowl for you. She is all laughs and smiles as she bends that hot ass of hers over to take a nice hot shit in the small bowl. She hits the target perfectly without making any mess on the floor and like a nice clean college girl she wipes her ass hole clean after she is done.

After a long workout Annie Shits and pisses into the paper which she holds underneath her big round ass. She talks a little about what she ate the day before then teases you with her asshole before squeezing out a thin, sticky poo on the thin towel. Get a good close look of her dirty ass hole and kiss hot Annie's hot ass goodbye after her nice long shit.

This sexy chick bends her ass hole over as she takes a nice brown hot shit on the white bathroom floor. She leaves a big brown poop that is half hard and half mushy for you. It is a nice combination shit and you know you want to lick that ass hole clean of hers after she has taken that nice hot shit for you. It is nice and stinky.

Jenicha takes a thick sausage on a football and then rubs the shit on the ball making a mess of the ball with her brown stains and a mess on the bed sheets. The shit comes out of her ass like a curly brown snake falling onto the football below. She scoops it up and rubs it onto the white ball turning it brown and messing up the bed sheets.

Give the scat queen Jenicha a big fat kiss on her brown lips after she has eaten her own shit and stained her lips brown with it. You know you are getting aroused looking at those thick luscious lips covered in brown from a nice shit from her ass hole. Her lips are now fully lubricated so do you dare give those shitty brown smelly lips a kiss.

It is an all out poop fest as the Japanese school girls receive enemas and have very wet diarrhea into the toilet below. They lift up their hot school girl skirts and the poop comes squirting hard out of their asses into the toilets below. It is a stinky wet mess as the ladies squirt the hot diarrhea out of their asses making a mess of the hot portable toilets

Tonight is a special night, therefore the girls prepare the the new years eve dinner for the slave. The girls get together to take their nice hot shits on the plate to serve it to the slave to help him bring in the new year. It is going to be another year of eating shit for the slave and the girls help him get started by shitting up a plate.

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