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Hot Jenicha is feeling really horny and she wants a kiss from you. She tells that her lips are fully lubricated and that she is waiting for you to lean in and give her a big fat kiss. She takes and picks up one of her turds that she pooped out earlier and smears it all over her lips so that you can taste her fresh creamy shit while she kisses you!

Lets watch Hot Jenicha defrost her shit patty's in the microwave and get ready to to chow down on her nummie gummy shit sandwich. So all you horny people can watch this gal go to town so we can make ourselves happy and enrich our lives by watching whatever we want because this is America! And thats how we roll, so just sit back and enjoy yourselves and get naked and I hope your pleased!

Hot Jenicha ate 3 dozen eggs the day before and 4 40-ounce bottles of dark beer and she ate 4 hot dogs. Yes her stomach has been turning all night long shes been waiting until she got up and had to take a big wet nasty shit so she could put it on camera for the whole world could watch. She takes off her panties and squats down and lets the crap flow down between her massive thunder thighs and all over the floor and her feet.

This toilet slave has spent all day laying on the floor under the portable toilet being the human toilet for a house filled with mistresses as they piss all over him. He thinks he is done for the night when one last mistress walks over to him and takes off her pants and sits down. He sees her puckering asshole as she pushes out her creamy load all over his face and in his mouth.

Hot Jenicha is wearing a sexy top with red fishnet stockings and sexy high heels as she squats down on a hardwood floor and gets ready to take a creamy shit. She pushes and her asshole starts puckering as she gets ready to push out her creamy log. She finishes pushing out the log which is nice and creamy on the outside but firm on the inside so it still holds it log shape.

These sexy mistresses are out at a cottage for 4 days with their toilet slave and he is ready to eat all of their creamy shit. During the first night of eating and drinking this sexy mistress has to take a big shit. This is her first time using a human toilet and she sits down on the portable toilet and starts pushing her creamy load all over her slave. Once she is done she realized she really enjoyed it and can not wait to do it again.

Hot Jenicha is a sexy mistress who knows you are hungry and that you want to taste one of her creamy logs in your mouth. She squats down and puts her hand under her ass and catches her creamy log as it falls out of her sexy ass. She shows off her log to the camera and shows how moist it is but still firm just the way you want it to be.

Sonya is still sleepy as she wakes up in the morning and has to take a massive shit. She heads over to her human toilet and finds her slave laying on the floor with his mouth open and ready to take her shit. She sits down on her portable toilet and starts pushing out her creamy load which lands all over her slaves face and in his mouth and he eats it all.

Hot Jenicha is a sexy brunette mistress who is hungry for a little snack and she wants to share it with you too! She is smoking a cigarette and has a container of vanilla pudding in her other hand. She uses the pudding to ash her cigarette and sets the pudding to the side. She then takes an empty container and fills it with her shit. She then mixes her shit and the ashed vanilla pudding together and starts to eat it.

These sexy mistresses are spending some time at their toilet slaves house and they are on their second day there. They start out by eating some breakfast and then have some hot coffee to go with the food. Before long they are ready to take a massive shit so they call their loser toilet slave over! One by one they sit above his face and shit all over his face and into his mouth.

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