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Mistress Lola needed to get a taste of scat fetish and she did it by making sure that this guy at her ass and her pussy. But to make sure he would not know what she wanted, the mistress had the guy eat her pussy first. When she was done with him, the mistress then forced him to eat her shit and he had no choice but to do what the mistress wanted.

Mistress Nadja had an irresponsible slave and she did not want him to continue down that road. The guy did not want to change but it was not up to him. He was forced to eat her shit and that is how he changed even though he did not want to do so. He was also used as a human toilet paper and he had to lick her asshole clean.

Mistress Haley had a trick up her sleeve that she was not sure her slave knew about. She wanted to punish him with her shit and she went on to do it. The mistress did not care what he was going through as her ultimate aim was to make sure he was as degraded as he had never been. He offered to pay her to avoid being punished with poop but she did not listen to him.

Mistress Muge knew that her ex was trying to get back at her by trying to seduce her sister. He thought that he could go and hit on her sister and then hurt her to get to mistress Muge. She was not interested in that kind of nonsense so she stopped the whole plan by trampling him and going as far as shitting on him so that he knew she was not messing around.

This mistress recorded herself playing with her ass. First of all, she got a butt plug in there and she enjoyed playing with it. She even spanked herself on her big fine ass. Next she started scat fetish. She took a shit as she fucked herself in the ass and then smeared the shit all over her ass. She did not expect to have as much fun as she did. She even had an orgasm.

Mistress Gaia did not want her slave to get too comfortable with her. That is why she used her shit to punish him. He had tried to imitate her and she did not like it. She made him stop that nonsense by forcing him to lick her ass, eat her shit as well as be her human toilet paper. He never wanted to anger her after seeing what she could do when angered.

When her slave was done eating her pussy, mistress Vivian had him eat her ass too. But she was not done with him as she wanted him to eat her shit as well. The guy thought that he was turning her on but he was not. She was baiting him and once he had gotten comfortable, she unleashed her shit on his face and she forced him to eat it.

Mistress Medea and mistress Madison found out that they had been dating the same person. They were angry as he had told each one of them that they were exclusive. That was why they felt cheated but they realized that he was the enemy and not them. Mistress Madison invited him to her house where he was shocked to find both of them. They did not let him get over his shock. They proceeded to trample and shit on him.

This mistress loves to fuck herself because she knows how to satisfy herself. She has done it so much that she does not like to have sex with men. And when this cameraman who was turned on watching her do it wanted to fuck her, he was shocked that she did not feel him and instead, she made him eat her shit. He was scared and he never messed with her after that.

Mistress Madison has a side of her that very few people have ever seen. This guy saw it today when he messed with her. She is reserved and so many people do not know about her. But when this guy pissed her off, she had to make an example of him. So she turned him into a human toilet and she forced him to eat all of it. And she filmed it for anyone else who would piss her off.

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