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This sexy mistress is ready to push out a chocolate log just for you as she puts her ass up on top of the counter. She uses her hand to spread her ass apart a little bit and then her ass hole puckers up as the log starts to come out. She pushes a little bit harder and before long the log is coming out of her asshole and lands on the counter as she present it for your tasty treat.

Mistress Jenicha takes a shit into a container in the morning after she wakes up. She then takes the container with the stinky shit in it and adds some gummy bears in at as well. Finally she takes the stinky shit and the gummy bears and sits down and eats them together for breakfast. She lets the camera get a close up of her mouth as she takes the gummy bear and the shit and chews them together.

This sexy dark haired mistress is wearing nothing but a pair of white boots that cover her knees as she squats down over a white towel and gets ready to produce a massive sausage. She has the camera zoom in on her tight asshole as she starts pushing out the large log and as it slowly drops down to the towel beneath of her. She then shows you her impressive log that is still warm and has the sweet aroma of shit.

Bizarrlady Jessica takes her slave and makes him get naked and lay down in the bathtub. She is wearing her stockings as she stands on the edge of the bathtub and then she squats down and starts pushing the shit out of her tight asshole. To make sure that her entire asshole is clean she uses an enema and when she release the hose the shit sprays out of her ass all over her naked slave.

This sexy mistress is in the bathroom taking a shit and after filling up the toilet with creamy shit she realizes that she has no toilet paper. After looking around to see if there was something to wipe the shit off of her ass she realized that there was nothing and she take off her panties. She takes her panties and uses them to wipe the creamy shit off of her sexy round ass.

This Ebony Princess is a sexy bbw that loves to show off her tight asshole. She takes her ass and starts to pucker it back and forth as she gets ready to push out the big steamy shit that is just waiting to be unleashed from her tight asshole. She then takes her hand and spreads her ass cheeks farther apart so that when she finally does blow that massive shit out of her ass it will go everywhere.

This Ebony Scat Princess has been taking Iron pills so she has been blocked up the last few days and after taking a natural tea she is ready to release her blockage. She takes her ass and spreads it apart as she gets ready to push out some shit and she squats above the toilet. She gets ready and pushes hard as she produces a large creamy log that falls slowly out of her ass.

This slave is sitting naked in front of his mistress as she has a special surprise for him. She takes out a container filled with shit from earlier and then takes a silver spoon and takes a massive scoop of the stinky shit and puts it in front of her slaves face. He obediently opens his mouth and takes his mistresses shit into his mouth and eats it until his mistress is happy.

Lady Johanna Syrkay makes her slave lay down in the bathtub and then she climbs over the top of him. She lines her asshole up with his face and she gets ready to push out a creamy shit. She knows that it will land right in her slaves open mouth and that he will swallow her warm piss and her warm creamy shit. He will smell her fresh shit as it falls all over his face and mouth.

Mistress Missy uses a portable toilet with out the bucket to take a shit. She makes her slave lay underneath of her asshole and open his mouth as she pushes out a massive shit. She shits all over his face and fills up his mouth with the warm stinky shit and then wipes with toilet paper and throws the paper on his face ass well. She makes him take the shit that is in his mouth and forces him to swallow it as well.

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