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Mistress Lucy did not like her landlord's new terms. He had waited for the end of her lease and as they were about to renew it, he sneaked up some new changes which they had not talked about or agreed on. She was pissed as they were significant changes which she did not agree with. That is why she had to make him eat shit before they discussed the issue later.

This mistress has a gorgeous ass and because of it, she had an admirer. She felt that she had to put an end to this guy's attention and advances. She had told him off but he did not want to stop. So the mistress did what she does best and she used her shit to punish him. He was shocked at what she did to him and how she forced him to eat poo. He never bothered her again after that.

Mistress Haley wanted to force this woman to do things her way. She had tried talking to her but it did not help. So she had to come up with something different to do to her and that is why she chose to use her shit. The mistress had packed it nicely and the woman got the shock of her life when she opened it and realized that she had to eat it.

Mistress Medea did not want to have a selfish slave in her house. When she noticed that this one was, she had to shit on him in an effort to punish him. That is why she turned him into a human toilet and enjoyed torturing him in a way he had never thought was possible. But the punishment worked and he knew he would not be allowed to be selfish.

Mistress Dula and mistress Scarlet needed to teach these guys a lesson and they did it using their pee and their shit. It was degrading and humiliating to the guys but the mistresses did not care as that was their intention when they set out to do it. The mistresses had to break them in order for them to do things the way the mistresses wanted them to be done.

Mistress Gaia knew that this guy was malicious and she did not want to continue dealing with that guy. So she used her shit to humiliate him and teach him a lesson that she was sure he would not forget any time soon. The mistress made sure he also licked her feet before she was done with him. The poor guy stopped being malicious after what she did to him.

Mistress Milana needed to turn this spiteful slave into a better person and that is why she chose to use her shit to do it. He learned his lesson cruelly as she made him eat her poop and trampled him as painfully as she could. He did not think that he would have been as humiliated as he was and that is why it was a shock to him when it happened.

Mistress Nemezis is big on loyalty and when she noticed that this slave was disloyal to her, she had to dominate him which she did with her poo. The mistress had him eat her poo and he did not know what to do but he knew that if he did not do it he would be punished even worse than she had already done to him. So he toed the line.

Mistress Medea and mistress Yara wanted to gain some crucial info which they would use to make some money. That is why the mistresses went out of their way to humiliate the guy and they did it with their shit. The mistresses fed the guy poo to make him more amenable to what they wanted. He could not say no to them after what they did to him. He did not want a repeat.

Mistress Alexandra needed to turn her ex into a poo slave to make him learn never to piss her off. That is why she used her shit to do it because it was going to be humiliating for him just the way she wanted it to be. The mistress had fun doing it and she even recorded it for her to enjoy it later on after she was done humiliating him.

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