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Clips of sexy shitting girls

Mistress Kaidence loves to have crazy fun. Today she wanted to try a dildo in both her holes. She took a long one and she inserted it in her pussy and after a while, she inserted it in her asshole. It was great and when she removed it, it came out with some shit. It felt naughty and she enjoyed shitting on herself and playing with that shit. It was epic and she did it again.

Mistress Lisa and her friend mistress Roxy wanted to show this loser how much they despised him. He had mistaken their lack of interest in him as playing hard to get and it pissed them that he could not get the hint. They invited him to their house and he was excited when he found them naked from the waist down. His joy was short lived as they forced him to eat their shit. They even had a cameraman take videos.

Lady Yuna was mad at her boyfriend and she wanted to humiliate him while they were having fun. She got on top of him and rode his dick but at the same time, she forced herself to take a dump on him. He was busy enjoying her riding him when he felt something on his groin and when he looked, he found she had pooped on him. She forced him to smear it on himself.

Mistress Annabelle found out that the best way to humiliate her slave was to make him do something he had never done. She had realized he was not particularly bothered by pain. So she decided to degrade him and she did by forcing him to eat her shit. She got on top of him and she took a dump directly into his mouth and she forced him to eat and swallow it.

Mistress Annalise was wronged by this loser. But she is not one to keep a grudge. She had to punish this guy for what he had done and then get over with it. She found him alone in his house and she punished him there. She made him eat her shit as she facesat on him and he did even though he was degraded and humiliated. Then she left him and went away.

Mistress Alina enjoys shit the way other mistresses love ice cream and chocolate. Today she came home early and she did not have anything better to do. So she decided to enjoy her shit fetish. She went to the bathroom and she shit on her panties and played with the shit on it. She was not bothered by how unsightly it looked not how bad it smelled. She just wanted to play with it and she did.

This mistress had a skin problem and she was broke. She heard that piss and shit were natural medicines for her condition and she wanted to try them since she did not have insurance and she did not have money to go to hospital. So she pissed on herself and smeared her shit all over herself and especially her face where the condition was worse. She did not bother about the smell. She kept her eye on the prize.

Mistress JosslynKane has a thing for scat fetish. Besides doing it for fun, she also likes to do it for money. She has online tutorials where she shows guys how to do it and they pay for it. Today she was showing some mistresses how to enjoy scat fetish themselves and not to use it as a punishment method. She undressed seductively and played with herself a bit before she inserted dildos in her asshole and they came out with her shit which she played with as well.

This mistress had always enjoyed shitting on and torturing one slave. But today she wanted to try doing it to two slaves. So she got them together and humiliated them. She had them lie down and she told them to put their faces together till they were almost kissing. When they were done, she bent over near their faces and shit on their faces and pissed on them too and ordered to eat.

Lady M and lady Orient are workmates and were tired of being overlooked for promotions and never getting raises. So they lured their boss to lady M's house where they punished him for it. They tortured and humiliated him by making him a human toilet. They pooped on him and fed the shit to him. Once he was done, they made him clean the mess up and go to the office to give them promotions.

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