Scat Fetish Videos

Clips of sexy shitting girls

Jae loves shit. And whenever she is bored, she likes to come up with crazy new ways to play with her shit. This time, she spotted her body with shit and enjoyed masturbating using the shit

This mistress wanted to send a chilling message to her enemy. She pooped and held the poop in her hand and gave the shit to her to eat. Then she told the enemy that if she does not behave, she should expect worse

Watch as this ebony princess takes a shit. She must have eaten something that made her shit come out messy. The camera moves in for a close-up as her sweet ebony ass hovers over the toilet. Just as the camera gets closer, a big messy turd falls out of her ass and drops in the toilet. There is more where that came from.The turds are loose, but they are massive. She fills the bottom of the toilet with her nasty turds.

Candy is showing you what it's like to be a toilet slave. This is the POV of a toilet slave who lies under her ready to receiver her shit in his mouth. Her sweet little naked ass covers the hole in the toilet seat and her asshole starts to open up. The huge messy turds start falling out of her ass and you are right there as if you are inside her toilet bowl shit eating as her toilet slave.

Melissa was mad at her roommate and wanted to get back at her. She shit on a banana because she knew she ate one before going to work. When she went to eat it, she found it covered in shit

Feel like a voyeur as you watch all of the Sweet Stephi Poo video collection featuring the hot scat mistress taking a shit in her bathroom. You will worship her ass as you follow her to the bathroom again and again to relieve herself. The turds plop loud in the toilet and you can hear the piss breaking up all the turds. Stephi Poo loves when you watch her take a shit. She wishes you could eat it for her.

These cruel and dominating sluts make their slave go without food until he is very hungry. He has to sit there and watch them, but he can't have any food. His meal will be coming later in the form of shit. All the girls take turns and save it for him so he can eat it. They are nice enough to spit on him so he can wash down their shit when he eats it. They have plenty of massive turds for him.

Lady Milena really knows how to be festive for the holidays. She puts on her cute Santa hat and shits on a toilet seat outdoors. Just underneath the toilet seat is Lady Milena's toilet slave. He is waiting with his mouth open for the turds to drop in so he can chew on them and eat them. Shit eating is only part of what he would do for his mistress. He would suffer any type of humiliation just to be close to her.

Lady Milena has plenty of shit for her toilet slave today. She makes him lie on the floor while she crouches down on top of a step stool. She hangs her luscious ass over so her asshole will be right over her slave's mouth. She shits out a pile of large turds that fill his mouth. She turns around to see his mouth full of shit so she takes her high heels and uses them to shove the shit in his mouth.

Scatha is cruel to her toilet slaves. She has multiple humiliations for them. The first humiliation is having to crouch in the corner of her bathroom waiting for her to go shit. She sits down on the toilet and gives him a mouthful of spit first. She spits up big loogies and lets them drop in his mouth. Then she hangs her sweet ass over the edge and lets huge turds drop out of her asshole and into his mouth.

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