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Mistress Madison was angered by this guy's negative attitude. He was full of negativity even in simple and straightforward issues. So she had to put an end to that nonsense and she did so using her shit. She sat on his face to shut him up and as she did that, she had him eat her shit and drink her pee. He was shocked and scared but he had no choice.

Mistress Martina had no time for rude slaves and when she noticed that this slave was rude, she knew it was time to punish him and she did not hesitate to do it. The mistress had the poor guy eat her shit as well as drink her pee before she let him go and clean up. And she told him she would do it again if he did not stop his rudeness.

Princess Nikki and her friend found out that their boyfriends had mistresses and had been cheating on them for quite sometime. So they had to get their revenge and this was by the mistresses forcing the guys to eat shit and drink pee. The guys had no choice but to do what the mistresses made them do and they also had them jerk off as they ate the shit. They never cheated again.

Goddess L felt that this guy was not a good cook and she had to humiliate him for it. She did not want to deal with a guy who did not know how to cook well and it was worse since she was paying him for it. So she was essentially paying someone to cook her bad or poor food. She made him eat her shit so that he changed and learned to cook better food.

This guy was just too noisy for this mistress and she had to dominate him. The mistress used her shit to do it and she knew that her shit would easily shut him up as opposed to any light punishment or humiliation. So she did not hesitate to torture and degrade him and she made sure that he was never noisy again as he knew what would happen to him.

Mistress Anna felt that her slave was too entitled. She had to punish him for what he had done and so she settled on shitting on him which she did using her scat. The mistress had him eat her shit for dinner. He was not allowed to say no and he had no choice but to eat it. Her pee was to wash down the shit and he drank it.

This mistress was not happy with the service she had gotten from this customer service rep. She felt that he needed to change and that he had to get a wakeup call. She chose to do it and she did so by shitting on him. As the guy ate her shit, he realized that he had to improve in order to avoid such domination and humiliation again in the future.

Mistress Medea does not like nosy slaves and this one was. He liked to eavesdrop on her and she found out about it. She warned him but he did not break the habit so the mistress used her shit to make him stop. She did so using her scat fetish and by the time she was done with him, he had learned his lesson and wished that he had listened to her.

Mistress Tulip wanted to dominate this guy and that is what she did at the end of the day. The mistress did not do it because he had wronged her. She was doing it because that was what she wanted to do. And so she had him watch as she took a shit and then she made him eat her shit and drink her urine before she was done with him.

Mistress Ann worked her ass off to make sure she made good money for herself and the company. But her colleague was actively sabotaging her because he wanted to be the one behind the success and not her. She was shocked to learn that and she punished him for it by forcing him to eat her shit as well as drink her pee. He had no choice but to do what she ordered him.

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