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Mistress Gaia and mistress Medea had husbands who mistreated them and they cheated on them. They had tried their best to endure it all for the sake of their marriages but now they had to stand up for themselves and they planned to do it together to give each other the courage to do it. So they lured them to this place where they shocked them with cruel torture of making them eat poo and drink pee.

Mistress Madison had tried to trample this slave to make him realize his mistake but he did not seem to. He wanted to act tough so that she would not punish him again but that pissed her off even more and she used her shit to dominate him. He realized he had messed up but it was too late and he knew she was not the kind of person he could do that to.

When this guy was found to be a spy, this mistress knew he was the one who was behind her misery. Someone had told on her and she did not like that. She had to punish whoever that was and she had to do it cruelly. She did it with her shit as she turned the guy into a toilet slave and a toilet paper. He knew better than to be a spy.

Mistress Maryan was fed up with her husband and she had to do something to show him that if he did not change soon, things would never be the same. So she took a shit on him and she forced him to eat it. Then she went ahead to cuckold him and he took it all in as he did not have an alternative. He blamed himself for everything that happened to him.

This guy wanted to have a good time with this mistress but he went ahead to jerk off thinking that he would impress her but instead he pissed her off. He turned her off and she humiliated him for it. The mistress did this by forcing him to eat her poo. She did not want to fuck him anymore so she did the next best thing which was to force him to be her human toilet.

This mistress loves to fuck herself because she knows how to satisfy herself. She has done it so much that she does not like to have sex with men. And when this cameraman who was turned on watching her do it wanted to fuck her, he was shocked that she did not feel him and instead, she made him eat her shit. He was scared and he never messed with her after that.

Mistress Anita was hit on by her friend's boyfriend. She was so pissed as it showed that her friend's boyfriend did not respect his own girl and he did not respect her. So she gave him a punishment that also showed that she did not respect him. The mistress forced him to eat her shit and lick her asshole clean before she warned him never to try and do such a stupid thing again.

Lady Tora found out the person behind the leaking of company secrets. She did not let anyone know that she had known. So she investigated it very well and she determined that it was this guy who had done it and when she had proof, she punished him with her shit fetish and also tortured his nipples. When she was done, she fired his ass and let him go and try to find another job.

This mistress was bloated. She felt like shitting and when she finally did, she unloaded a huge load of crap. She took a dump in a plate and she gave her slave to eat it. She showed him with a spoon how she wanted him to eat and he did it the way the mistress wanted him to do it. He had never been as degraded as he was that day.

This mistress was nice to her delivery guy and he mistook it for an invitation to hit on her. But she did not like the road he was on and he told him off. But he did not get the hint and he pissed her off. She took that chance to shit on him and to make him eat her poo and drink her pee. He never did that again.

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