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Queen Siya had beef with her slave and she did not want it to end without her teaching that she was not the kind of person he wanted to be beefing with. So she collected her shit and then went ahead to make him eat her shit. He was degraded but he could not do anything about it other than to eat her shit as well as drink her urine.

Mistress Nica used her pee and her shit to punish her slave and she made him regret what he had done to her. She was disappointed in him and that is why she made sure that he learned his lesson the hard way by making him a toilet slave. The poor guy had to drink pee and also eat shit. None of those things was negotiable. He had to do them all.

This mistress did not want to shit on her slave. But she made him watch as she did it. He had to watch as she took a poop in his bedroom and he had to record her doing it. It was humiliating because of the smell as well as the fact that he had to clean up after her. It was not optional and he was forced to do it all.

Mistress Anna wanted her boyfriend to watch as she humiliated her slave. He had been snitching on them and giving out their secrets so they both wanted him dealt with. The boyfriend let her deal with him and she did not want to disappoint him. So she forced him to eat her shit as her boyfriend watched. He approved what she did to the slave and did not bother to get involved.

Goddess Kitra had beef with her slave and it was because her slave was clueless. She had never had such a clueless slave and she felt that it was going to be tricky for her to work with him and have him in her house if he was that clueless. In an effort to make him change, the mistress forced him to eat her shit and lick her asshole, which he did.

Mistress Haley did not want this guy to block what she was trying to do to him so she tied him up. She made sure she immobilized him and then facesat him. She then took a shit on his face and she had it smeared all over his face before ordering him to lick her clean. He had no choice but to comply with her demands or else face a worse punishment.

Mistress Sandra was fed up with her slave and she had to act. She felt that her slave did not do things the right way and that is why she chose to make him feel humiliated and degraded for him to change. So the mistress facesat him and she also cruelly took a shit on him. Before she was done with him, she had him lick her asshole clean and he became her human toilet paper.

Lady Despina did not make this guy eat her shit. But what she did to him was equally cruel and humiliating. The mistress had him watch as she took a shit. He also smelled her shit as he was in the same room and in close proximity to her as she did it. He was humiliated even though he did not get to eat it. He was told that if he did not change, he would be made to eat it next time.

Mistress Nica and her friend wanted to humiliate this guy because he was a nuisance. They went ahead to caution him that they would not tolerate him continuing his nonsense and so they gave him a last warning. He did not adhere to it and had to be punished as a result. That is how he found himself eating their shit and drinking their pee. He never repeated his mistake after that.

Mistress Medea was shocked at how tiny this guy's dick was. He wanted to fuck her but she was sure that he would not even get her wet. She did not want to waste her time so she facesat him, rubbed her clit on his face and had him lick her asshole. She came and after she was done, she took a shit on him and she made him eat it.

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