Scat Fetish Videos

Clips of sexy shitting girls

Mistress Medea and mistress Gaia had never tried scat fetish and when they decided to do it, they agreed to do it to their slaves together. So the mistresses got in the same room with their slaves and they made them lie down and shit in their mouths. The slaves had to eat all of the mistress's poo because it was not optional for them to do so. The mistresses recorded it all for them to enjoy later.

Mistress Vivian knew that if she asked this guy to eat poo from a plate, he would not do it. So she made him eat her shit from her ass. That was by facesitting him. He did not see it coming and it caught him by surprise. He tried to get her to stop but she did not want to do that. Instead, she rubbed her ass and shit on his face.

Mistress Ann needed to teach this guy a lesson and she did it in a way he never expected. The mistress made sure that he ate her shit and that she smeared it all over his chest. Then she wore her strapon which she used to deepthroat him. Her poo was still in his mouth and she ensured she pushed it to the back of his throat as she deepthroated him.

Lady Lucy trusted this guy because he gave her his word. She did not believe that he would go back on his word and that pissed her off when he did. The mistress used her scat fetish to deal with him and teach him not to be doing that. The mistress cruelly forced the poor guy to lick her ass and to eat her poo. He never did it again after that.

These mistresses took great care of their slaves and they were pissed to learn that they wanted to escape. They had a contract which they needed to adhere to and it was nearing its end. So they were shocked because they wanted to escape and breach their contract. So the mistresses turned the slaves into human toilets and they made them eat shit. The slaves regretted trying to escape and saw out their contracts.

Mistress Wael had asked her assistant to diarize an important assignment. She even stressed how important it was. But the assistant did not remember to do it the way he had been told. The assignment passed and they lost the opportunity. Mistress Wael was mad and had to punish him. She did so by shitting on him. He did not even complain as he knew the mistake was his and he deserved to be punished.

Mistress Anna had paid this guy to be her instructor but instead of teaching her and instructing her the way she wanted to be instructed, he was vile and did not give her value for her money. She got pissed and had to make him focus on what he was being paid to do. So she made him eat her shit for him to understand that the issue was serious.

This mistress was minding her own business when this guy falsely accused her of doing something she had not done. She tried to correct him but he stood his ground. She was so pissed as she knew that he knew he was lying. That is why she had to punish him and make sure that he learned his lesson. So he had to be fed poo as punishment for his lies.

When this mistress found out that her slave was too lazy for her liking, she had to do something. She felt that keeping quiet was encouraging him to continue doing the things he did and that is why she went out of her way to shit on him. He had to eat the poor straight from her asshole and she had a cane to hit his balls if he did not cooperate.

When her slave was done eating her pussy, mistress Vivian had him eat her ass too. But she was not done with him as she wanted him to eat her shit as well. The guy thought that he was turning her on but he was not. She was baiting him and once he had gotten comfortable, she unleashed her shit on his face and she forced him to eat it.

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