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Lady Scarlet wanted to demonstrate to her friend how to shit on a slave. Her friend had an interest in knowing how to do it but she had never seen it done and that is where the mistress came in. She turned this slave into a toilet slave and a human toilet as her friend watched. When she was done doing her thing, she asked her friend to give it a try too.

This guy was a womanizer and he had heartbroken many women. He had to be stopped and tamed and lady Scarlet took it upon herself to do it. She played along and he thought it would all go the way she wanted. But it did not. That is why she opted to use her scat fetish to dominate and humiliate him. Instead of the fun he wanted, he found himself eating shit.

Lady Scarlet had an issue with this guy and she wanted him to know the kind of person she was when she was pissed. So she used her shit fetish to dominate the guy and to teach him a lesson she was sure no one was going to teach him. She used him as her human toilet and he was degraded more than he had ever been in his life.

Lady Scarlet had an issue with this guy because he did not believe in her. He made her work ten times harder because of that as he was a stumbling block to her doing her work in an easy manner. For that, she had to punish him when she finally did it without his support and without his trust or belief. She made him eat her shit as a result.

Lady Scarlet loves to get even and she had to do it to this guy after he messed with her. The mistress did not care what the guy felt. All she knew was that she had to torture and degrade him and her punishment as well as humiliation was to be worse than what he had done to her. That is why she chose to torture him with her shit.

Lady Scarlet needed to prove to this guy that she could enjoy herself at his expense. He did not fully understand what she meant and so she proved it to him and degraded him at the same time. The guy was forced to eat her shit as well as to drink her pee. When she was done with him, he never wanted to see her again and he ran away from her house.

Lady Scarlet did not care that it was this guy's birthday. She wanted him to eat shit and that is exactly what he did. The mistress used her shit to punish him and she even employed the services of her friend to help her do it. When his friend tried to come to his rescue, he found himself suffering the same fate as his friend who he had tried to rescue.

Lady Scarlet and her friend mistress Dula noticed that their slave was vain and they did not want such a person in their house. They did not want to punish him immediately so they did their best to teach him why it was not ok to be vain. But he did not change and that is how they changed from talking to him to punishing him with poop which he had to eat.

Lady Scarlet needed to shit on this guy for breakfast and that is what she planned. The mistress had to make sure that the guy learned his lesson the hard way and this was through him having to endure the shame and humiliation of being made to eat shit for breakfast. That is how the guy learned that she was not going to let him get away with any mistakes.

This guy was the class snitch and when lady Scarlet found out, she was not amused. She could not believe that a grown man like that could do what he had done. So she found a way to dominate him and get him to do nonsense he had never imagined was possible. That nonsense entailed having him eat her shit as well as lick her asshole. He also drank pee.

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