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Mistress Anna is a positive person and as such, she does not condone any negativity wherever she is. That is why she used her shit to punish this guy today. The mistress had tried to shine some positivity to this guy but it did not work. She also tried to talk to him but it did not work either. So she had no choice but to make him eat her shit.

Mistress Anna did not like how her electrician handled a job she had given him. She was so pissed about it that she had to make sure he never did that to any of his other clients. This was done in a way he never expected and that is why she used poo to do it. The punishment was cruel the way it was intended but that is what helped him change.

Mistress Anna does not like to argue about things she is sure that she is right. Today the mistress was disappointed in her slave and she told him. But instead of owning up to what he had done, he tried to argue with her and she had to teach him a lesson. This was done by forcing him to eat her poo and drink her pee too. He never messed with her again.

Mistress Anna was trying to teach her slave to stop being unreliable because she cared about his future but he did not see her point and now she had to act in his best interest even if he did not see it. That is why she opted to shit on him and to force him to lick her asshole clean after he was done eating her poop. He realized it was easier to be reliable.

Mistress Anna is a control freak and she loves to be in control at all times. That became hard for her as she had to teach this loser a lesson he had never been taught before. So the mistress chose to use her shit to get him to agree to her control. He had tried to refuse but she forced him as he had to eat her shit which he did not want to do again.

Mistress Anna and mistress Alice found out that their slave had faked sickness so as to get extra care from them and for them to pamper him. They cared about him and so they did it for him to get better. But when they realized he had been faking it, he had to know it was wrong and that it would not be tolerated again. So he had to eat shit.

Mistress Anna was overwhelmed with requests for scat fetish tutorial and she knew she had to make one. Since many mistresses had realized that it was a great way to punish or humiliate, they wanted to do it and they knew she was good at it. So today she made them a scat fetish video tutorial for them to see how to go about it and how to make it suit their circumstances.

Mistress Anna noticed that her enemies were getting closer to her and some of the information they were using against her was only available to a few people. So she had to audit her inner circle and she realized that her slave was sabotaging her. She was not going to accept that and she had to punish him. He was fed shit before he was chased away like a stray dog.

Mistress Anna is open to trying anything as long as it promises to be fun. That is why she went out of her way today to try scat fetish. She had heard about it and even watched a few videos but she had never brought herself to try it out. She gathered the courage to do so today and she loved how easy and effective it was as a punishment method.

Mistress Anna was with her friends as she plotted how to punish this guy. He had been doing things she had warned him not to do and she had to punish him for it. That is why the mistress chose to trample him, whip him and then shit on him. Her friends watched as she did it and they also joined in to make it a cruel and humiliating affair.

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