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Clips of sexy shitting girls

Mistress Anna knew exactly how to break this guy. He was acting tough and a hard nut to crack but she knew of a way to break him. She tried a few silly moves to make him feel like he was winning. It was also meant to make him tired. Then she finally unleashed what she had wanted to do to him. She forced him to eat her shit and she broke him.

Mistress Roberta does not like slaves who tell her secrets. This one did and he lived to tell of what she did to him. She made sure he would never do it again by using her shit to punish him. She turned him into her human toilet and enjoyed shitting on him. The slave was degraded and he felt like dying but he learned his lesson and never told her secrets again.

Goddess Amirha had told this guy she wanted to try something on him. She knew he had a thing for her and he also told her he wanted to try something on her. They agreed but she insisted on going first. She got on top of him and she shit on him and forced him to eat her shit. He was so degraded that by the time she was done, he did not even have the strength to try what he wanted on her. He just went home.

This mistress was home alone and she had a strong urge to try shit fetish. She did in the kinkiest way she could. She shit and then used the shit to smear himself all over especially her ass. She then used her fingers to finger her asshole. She had a lot of fun with the thing she did. She was exploring her body and she found pleasure zones she never knew existed.

These lesbian mistresses are as kinky as the best of them. They have a passion for adventure and love trying all they can to make things hot and interesting. Today the mistresses were trying shit fetish. They had fun smearing the shit on each other and making out with the shit on their faces. It felt so wrong and so naughty but the mistresses went ahead with it and it turned them on and let to a lot of fun.

Mistress Anna is a clean freak. Her friends tried to mess with her by telling her they would give her a lot of money if she went ahead and shit on a slave and made him eat her shit as she watched. The mistresses was surprised by the strange request but she was so broke that she agreed to do it. In as much as it was tough for her, she managed to endure it and get the money from her friends. They never expected her to go through with it.

Mistress Emily loves few things the way she loves poop. When she came home today she was so excited about her shit fetish that she could hardly contain herself. She called her slave to the living room and she had him eat her shit. She did not worry about the fact that he had done nothing to deserve that kind of punishment. She felt like doing it and it had to be done.

Goddess Andrea wanted to chase away her slave. He had not been too helpful to her even after being punished a few times. She wanted to cut her losses and get a new one but she had to do one more thing before she sent him away. She tortured him using her shit fetish. She wanted him to feel the pain of being a loser and not being a helpful slave.

This mistress wanted to try scat fetish but before she could try it on a slave, she had to make sure she had perfected her skills first. So she went to the bathroom and practiced all she had wanted to try. She shit on the toilet but did it in such a way that it seemed as if she was doing it to a slave. By the time she actually did it to a slave, it seemed as if she had done it for years.

Mistress Leticia could not believe it when she realized her accountant had stolen her money. She had worked hard for it and was not about to let it go just like that. She did not care what scheme he had hatched to take her money. All she knew was that he had to give her the money back. And she made sure he did by torturing him and making him eat her shit.

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