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Mistress Dula wanted this guy to learn a lesson for misdiagnosing her and she wanted to punish him due to the many hours she spent worried sick. The mistress had fun torturing him with her shit which he had to eat and swallow. The guy had never had such a punishment before and it was a wake up call for him to be more careful in his diagnosis going forward.

Mistress Asha did not want her girlfriend to be a slut. They were dating and she had to learn to stop that habit as it would lead to cheating and she did not want any of that to happen to them. That is why today she drove the point home by cruelly shitting on the girl. She did not have a choice but to do what she was forced to do which was to eat poo.

Mistress Christina does not like people she cannot depend on. She does not see why they should be in her life. This slave was one of them and it had to end today. The mistress chose to turn him into a toilet slave and that is how she made him eat her shit. He also had to drink urine. He tried to talk his way out of it but could not.

When this slave performed below mistress Alexandra's expectations, she had to punish him and she did so using her poop. The mistress did not care what he felt and she did not want to think about his welfare at all. That is why she went out of her way to make him eat her shit and drink her pee as she gave him a piece of her mind. The message was home.

Mistress Nica had made this guy eat shit for no reason other than she wanted to have fun and to try out scat fetish. But when she was done with him, she felt sorry for him and decided to make it up to him. The mistress did this with her sexy hands by jerking him off and helping him to get an orgasm. He loved what she did for him and even forgot what she had done earlier.

Her colleague thought that she was harmless and could not hurt a fly but nothing could be further from the truth. This mistress did not want anyone to think that about her and that is why she chose to shit on her colleague to ensure that he did not make such assumptions about her and then act on them. He regretted what he had assumed as it had brought him grief.

This realtor had led mistress Medea to make a bad investment and that pissed he off. She asked her friend to help her punish him and the two mistress used shit to make him understand that he could not do what he did to her. He had to promise that he would never make anyone else go through that again. It was brutal but he deserved what they did to him.

Mistress Medea was shocked at how tiny this guy's dick was. He wanted to fuck her but she was sure that he would not even get her wet. She did not want to waste her time so she facesat him, rubbed her clit on his face and had him lick her asshole. She came and after she was done, she took a shit on him and she made him eat it.

Mistress Anna was trying to teach her slave to stop being unreliable because she cared about his future but he did not see her point and now she had to act in his best interest even if he did not see it. That is why she opted to shit on him and to force him to lick her asshole clean after he was done eating her poop. He realized it was easier to be reliable.

Mistress Tassie has a fetish for outdoor pooping. She loves the fresh breeze on her ass as she takes a dump and she enjoys how she can just get up and walk away after she is done. That is why she loves to go to the woods and other remote areas as she knows she can do it without worrying about who is watching her or who is disgusted by what she does.

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