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Mistress Gaia had given this loser a task but he did not do it to her expectations. She was pissed and she had to let him know who he was dealing with. He took her for granted and was shocked when she turned on him and she had him punished like he had never been punished before. The mistress forced him to eat her shit and she also had him drink her pee.

Mistress Roberta was not impressed with her slave. She had done her best to teach her the ways she wanted him to learn in her house. But the slave did not change and he had to be beaten and punished. The mistress turned to her shit fetish to punish him. She forced him to eat her shit as well as drink her pee and he had no choice but to do it.

Mistress Anna wanted everyone to meet her deadline but this loser did not. He thought he could get away with it because he did at other times. But this mistress did not care who he was. She beat him up black and blue and he knew that he had no choice but to do as she said or there would be hell to pay. She degraded him using her shit and he ate it.

Mistress Gaia is so good when it comes to torturing and punishing slaves that she does it for a living. She is paid good money by other mistresses who give her the task of making sure their slaves are well punished. She usually assesses what the slave had done before prescribing the appropriate punishment. Today she used her shit and her pee to punish this loser. She tied him before she had him eat the shit and drink the pee.

Mistress Janet was bored in the house and she wanted to try something new. She thought of trying something naughty so she decided to shit on a loser. She went out and came back to the house with one. She had fun teasing him and when he was turned on, she turned on him and had him eat her shit. He did not see it coming and was degraded and humiliated greatly.

Mistress Anna could not believe what her slave had done to her. He had tried to con her but she realized before he could pull it off. She was mad at him and to make sure it never happened again, she punished him using her shit. She made him eat her shit and also smear it on his body. She also had him use it as tooth paste before she felt it was enough.

Mistress Roberta was fed up with her professor awarding her low marks even when she knew she deserved better. She had to find a way to get to him. She did not want to have sex with him like he wanted. So she lied to him that she was down for it but instead of sex, she turned him into her human toilet and took a dump on his face.

Mistress Gaia was watching random videos on the internet. She had to try it because she thought it was a lot of fun. Given that she did not have a slave, she had to get one. She preferred to rent one. She got him and she had fun making him eat her shit directly from her asshole. She squatted and he brought his mouth to her ass and he ate her shit. It was epic for her but degrading for him.

Mistress Giorgia likes to punish saves cruelly. She does not believe in giving slaves second chances. She prefers a cruel punishment so that a slave is able to learn his or her lesson the hard way and never do what they did to piss her off again. For this slave, she decided to shit on him and to smear his face with her shit. She had fun degrading him and it worked.

Mistress Nikki had asked this guy to lick her pussy. She wanted him to do it well till she came. She did not want to fuck him so him licking her pussy was how she was going to cum. She did not to masturbate or to use a dildo. She just wanted his tongue. But he did not do it as she wanted so as punishment, the mistress forced him to eat her shit.

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