Scat Fetish Videos

Clips of sexy shitting girls

Mistress Scatty is a sexy mistress that is at a party and she really has to use the bathroom. She then finds that the toilet is broken so she decides to shit in the bathtub instead. She takes her legs and spreads them apart as she pushes out several creamy logs on the bathtub bottom. She then takes the fresh warm creamy shit and smears it all over her sexy body.

This sexy brunette mistress sits on the toilet and takes a shit on the toilet. She uses her hands to press down on her stomach to help push the fresh shit down to her tight asshole. She then takes and pushes and the shit lands in the toilet and plops down in the water below. She then takes a piece of toilet paper and wipes her ass and shows it to you and then flushes it down.

This sexy mistress is in the bathroom with her slave as she takes off her pants and makes her slave lay down on his back on the floor. She then squats down over his face and lines her asshole up with his mouth and then takes and squeezes out some fresh shit into his open mouth. She then pisses into his mouth filling it up with hot piss and makes him swallow her waste.

Mistress Jenicha is a sexy hot mistress that is sitting on the floor with her legs spread apart and the camera in front of her showing off her shaved pussy and her tight asshole. She then takes and starts pushing with her asshole and pushes out a semi soft log and is lands on the floor beneath her. Now she wants you to be the dirty pig that you are and fuck her asshole really hard!

The scat queen Jenicha takes a nice shit into the container and holds it out in front of you knowing you can't resist a piece of her fresh shit. It is very smelly but you can't resist as Jenicha holds her own shit between her fingers teasing you with it and then spreading her lovely ass hole to take some more shit for the slave. Jenicha will think about it.

This sexy Ebony mistress has massive tits and a big round ass as she lifts up her legs and removes her panties and starts pushing out some hard logs. She has a paper towel under her tight asshole and the logs fall right on the paper. She then takes and lays in front of the pile of shit and puts her big tits in front of it and shows it off just for you.

This toilet is on the job for the second day as he is in the house filled with mistresses that have been pissing all over him the last day. Now they are finished with breakfast and have to take a shit so they work their way to the human toilet. They sit down one by one and cover his face and mouth with their warm fresh shit and piss until they all go.

This ebony scat princess has solved her constipation issues by eating some apples and then taking a nice steamy shit into the toilet bowl. A lot of poop comes out of her body after she ate the fruit which moved everything along. Her shit is nice and brown and comes out nice and long as she squats over the toilet bowl showing off her nice ass and shitting for you

This sexy mistress has just feed her slave a delicious turkey dinner and now he is complaining that he is still hungry so she gets mad and decides to make him a special treat. She takes a burrito shell out and puts it under her ass and she sits on a chair and fills the shell up with her fresh shit. She adds some salsa, cheese and sour cream to it and then makes her slave eat it.

This sexy mistress is teaching a lesson about making his mistress happy as she takes and puts different size sounding rods in his hard cock. She then takes his balls in her hands and squeezes them very tightly until they are about to explode. Finally she takes and makes him lay down on the floor and takes a shit on his face. She then shoves her shit in his mouth and makes him eat it.

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