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Mistress Isabella is a cruel one. When she decides to punish a slave, she does it cruelly. Today she felt like punishing her slave and her slave prepared for the worst because he knew how she becomes when she is in that mood. But even after preparing for the worst, the slave was not prepared enough for what she did to him. She turned him into her human toilet and had him eat her shit.

Mistress Rosella hired a plumber to fix her toilet but he did not do it as well as she wanted. She still had a few problems here and there and she was pissed. Her friend came to visit her and wondered what the problem was. When she her, mistress Contessa, her friend, told her to punish the plumber. They did it together and humiliated the slave a great deal by making him eat their shit.

Mistress Lisa had a score to settle with this guy and she wanted to settle it today. She lured him to her house where she took him to the bathroom and used him as her human toilet. She forced him to eat her shit and drink her pee. He could do nothing about it and ate all her shit quickly so that the punishment would be over in a short time.

Mistress Anna needs to use her toilet, but first she's going to make sure it remembers its place by trampling its head with her feet and shoes. After she's satisfied, she sits right down on her toilet seat and fills its mouth with her delicious piss, followed by a flood of her nasty and sloppy shit. She puts her foot back on his head to make sure he eats it all.

This wife caught her hubby fucking another woman and threatened to divorce him and take the rest of the family with her. He may not adore his wife, but he loves the rest of the family, so he agrees to do whatever she wants to make her stay. She tells him he will be her slave and he will have to do her bidding or else! Right now she wants to shit on his face and he has no choice but to eat it!

My bitch of a slave wants to enjoy some of the delights I have to offer, so I tell him if he does a good job of licking my shoes and feet I may reward him. As I answer some emails I tell him to begin with my feet. I place my ass right into his face and relieve my shit straight into his mouth. He must swallow it all. I won't accept any waste, as I sit and make sure he finishes all of it. When I know he's finished, I give him some piss.

Mistress Anna has a slave who is always in position under the toilet seat and she's going to be spending the next few minutes with him while she relieves herself. She starts off by walking in and whipping him to make sure that he's awake. Once she's positive, she sits right down on the seat and unleashes all of the shit and piss that's been backing up inside her into his mouth.

Goddess Roberta has locked her slave in a chastity device, but she's promised him that she'll allow him to jerk himself off in six months if he eats her shit. He'll need to serve as her human toilet every single day for the next half a year if he wants to earn the privilege of touching himself just once at the end of it. He has not choice but to agree.

Mistress Gaia has been away for a few days and left her slave all alone in the dungeon with nothing to do. Now that she's back, she's going to feed him. SHe starts off by making him lick the bottoms of her filthy soles. Once she's happy with the job he's done, she squats right over his face and treats his mouth to a massive load of nasty, sloppy shit.

Mistress Anna has a slave that constantly needs to be reminded of his place and that's exactly what she's doing when she puts on his chastity device. She sits on her toilet seat and makes him lick her asshole until it opens up and fills his mouth with her disgusting diarrhea. The worst part for him as that he can't jerk his little cock while he swallows it all down.

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