Scat Fetish Videos

Clips of sexy shitting girls

This sexy mistress likes herself so much and so does a lot of things to herself. She likes masturbating and of late, does it to her anus and enjoys pooping and making her slave watch or be pooped on

These hot school girls are every boy's fancy at school. But they like to make the guys who keep their company pay for looking cool. They use them as toilet paper. They take a dump on their faces and have then clean the girls up

This mistress promised this sex starved guy the best sex of his life, but he had to do something for her. He had to let her take a dump on his face and he had to eat that shit

This mistress is a sadist. She likes a wet dump and especially when she soils herself with it. But it does not end there. She likes to make a slave lick her clean and eat her dump

There is nothing that this mistress enjoys more than a good lick. And not on her pussy. On her asshole. She likes a lick so good she can cum. But she degrades her lickers by shitting on them

Mandy has a nice and spankable ass. Many guys want to tap it, but she instead lures them with it and ends up humiliating and degrading them. She makes them lick her asshole and then shits on them or makes them watch her take a dump

Mistress Mystique had him tied down, had him open his mouth, and then took a piss directly into his mouth. He had to swallow. Not yet done, she pooped on his face and made him smell it and also eat it

Lady Lisa and her friend had a common enemy whom they wanted to teach a lesson. They brainstormed on the best ways to punish him and pooping on him was the best. They then got hold of him and took him home then degraded him with their asses, anuses and assholes.

This mistress has a big ass and she uses it to excite and entertain people with scat fetishes. She likes undressing and then taking a dump in it. And the way she does it is sexy and great to watch

Some of the best scat videos are from teenagers. And this teenager, dressed only in her skimpy sundress, pushed her dress up and enjoyed peeing and shitting without any care in the world. It is an unmissable scat video

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