Scat Fetish Videos

Clips of sexy shitting girls

Miss Decadoria is a harsh and cruel mistress. For a small mistake, she made her slave get naked and made him eat her poop without any care in the world

This mistress does not care where she is. If she feels like shitting and satisfying her scat fetish, she will shit there. This time her craving got her in the bedroom and she shit there

This mistress loves to shit. She likes it because it is fun and she can also punish people with it. This time she used it to punish her friend. She went to her bathroom and shit in there and let her clean the mess

Danni loves shit. She wears a diaper as a result so that when she poops, the shit does not escape. It remains with her and she can feel it and smell it too

This mistress was mad at her roommate and wanted to show her displeasure. She pooped into a plastic container and peed into a plastic cup and then left them for her room mate to eat

Sophie wanted to try anal masturbation. She didn't have lube so she shit on herself and used it as lube. She brought out her dildo and had fun with herself

Alexa likes to wear a diaper because she can shit anytime and the mess will remain in her skin. She likes the smell of it and enjoys carrying it around with her

Sarah, Tima and Alexia are new to scat fetish but they are determined to make sure that they are good at it. They took a slave and practiced on him

Alexa knows that she has a nice figure and many people want a piece of it. So she makes them sit through her poo fetish sessions where she shits on a glass to see who will retain their interest thereafter

Lady Amira wanted to serve her slave a tasty meal on his birthday. So she pooped and pissed on a plate and fed him

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