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Mistress Medea and her roommate had hired this plumber to do some work for them but he did not do it as well as they expected him to. That is why they chose to degrade him and teach him a lesson no one had ever taught him. He cried and wished that he had not done a poor job but it was too late and he had to eat their poo.

For his nosiness and noisiness, this guy had to be punished by mistress Medea. She did not want to let anything get in the way of what she wanted to do to him and that is why she made sure he went to her place after which she turned him into a human toilet and forced him to eat her poo. He also had to drink her urine and lick her asshole.

This guy tried to misrepresent facts and mistress Medea was not going to sit by idly and let it happen. That is why she chose to cruelly torture the guy and she did it with her poo. The poor guy was shocked as he was turned into a human toilet and she did unspeakable things to him. His pleas for leniency fell on deaf ears as she did not stop it.

Mistress Medea did not want to have a selfish slave in her house. When she noticed that this one was, she had to shit on him in an effort to punish him. That is why she turned him into a human toilet and enjoyed torturing him in a way he had never thought was possible. But the punishment worked and he knew he would not be allowed to be selfish.

Mistress Medea and mistress Yara wanted to gain some crucial info which they would use to make some money. That is why the mistresses went out of their way to humiliate the guy and they did it with their shit. The mistresses fed the guy poo to make him more amenable to what they wanted. He could not say no to them after what they did to him. He did not want a repeat.

Mistress Medea was not pleased with how smelly her slave was. She had to dominate her slave and she did it with her poo. She knew that if she was not hard on him, he would continue being smelly and that was not something that she wanted to continue happening. So she used her shit to send a message to the guy and that is how he learned to stop smelling.

Mistress Medea knew that this slave was deceitful and since she had given him time to stop it and to change but he had not, she had no alternative but to punish as well as humiliate him. She did it in a way he would not forget and that is why she had to dominate and torture him as painfully as possible. The mistress laughed at him as he struggled to eat her poo.

Mistress Medea wanted to shit on this slave because he was too stingy. She did not want anything from him but he was stingy even to himself and she did not like that. The mistress had to dominate and degrade him which she did with pee and poo. He had never in his wildest dreams ever thought he would be made to eat shit or do anything of the sort.

This realtor had led mistress Medea to make a bad investment and that pissed he off. She asked her friend to help her punish him and the two mistress used shit to make him understand that he could not do what he did to her. He had to promise that he would never make anyone else go through that again. It was brutal but he deserved what they did to him.

Mistress Medea felt uncomfortable when this girl hit on her. She tried to talk to her to let her know her discomfort but the girl did not heed her call to stop it. Instead, she doubled down and thought she would get her to her corner. But it did not work out that way and it ended up pissing mistress Medea more. So she used her shit to make her stop.

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