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These lesbian scat queens Merida Brown and Melanie know how to party. If you like scat parties. They are both hot and petite and very hot for each other. They already have their panties off and start licking each other's pussies. When one of the girls has to shit, she just lets it go and the other girls eats it. They eat the turds out of each other's assholes then start playing with the shit and smearing it all over each other.

Girls love their iPhones. One of the reasons is that they can take pictures and send them to their friends. This cute teen doesn't use her iPhone for selfies. She uses it to film herself taking a shit. She sets the phone down and it has a perfect view as she shits out some messy poop for you. It comes out yellow and smears. She wants it extra smelly and messy for you.

BizarrLady is a sexy mistress who loves to humiliate and abuse her loser slaves. Today she gets naked and gives her slave a brutal facesitting session but with a twist. She sits down on her slaves face and then takes a shit and pushes out a ton of creamy shit and it smears all over her slaves face and then she moves her ass all around and then smears it over her ass and the rest of the slaves face.

Here you will find the top ten scat mistresses that we have to offer. This is a clip of the top ten put together so you can enjoy only the best! You can watch these babes shit in the bathroom or in a swimming pool and then watch them as they rub the shit all over their faces and bodies and even eat it just to make you happy and give you something to jerk off to.

Mistress Nadia is a sexy brunette bbw mistress and she is on her hands and knees on the bed naked except for a pair of plastic panties as she gets ready to take a massive shit. She pushes out her creamy load and it presses against her clear panties and smears all over her entire asshole and her ass. She keeps shitting and her clear plastic panties turn brown as they fill up with her fresh shit.

Hot Jenicha is a sexy brunette beauty who is wearing white boots which go over her knees. She takes her boots off and puts them on the floor and squats down over them and takes a massive shit all over her boots. She then uses her hands to smear the shit over her boots even more. Once her boots are covered in shit she takes her tongue and licks all of the stinky shit off of her boots.

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