Scat Fetish Videos

Clips of sexy shitting girls

Mistress Anna had always heard of scat fetish but she had never bothered to find out what it was. But today she was bored and she went online to find out. She became interested to find out how it would feel to try it. So she got herself a slave and she tried all the nasty things she had seen and some which she imagined. The poor guy had to eat her shit and swallow it.

Mistress Alice is a nasty mistress and she prides in it. She loves doing things no one else can and loves pushing her own boundaries. Today she was having fun with her own shit. She started by inserting a dildo in her asshole and she shit on it and then sucked it. It was nasty but she had a lot of fun. The kind she had not had in ages.

This mistress had a bet with her boyfriend. It was a high stakes one. He wanted money if he won and she wanted him to do whatever she would tell him if she did. She won and he had to do what she wanted. She told him to eat her shit straight from her asshole and he had no option but to eat it. It was nasty but he did it.

Mistress Gaia was in the mood to try something nasty and the longer she thought about it the more she was convinced it was scat fetish she wanted to try. So she got a loser from down the street and shit on the floor and made him eat her shit. She also played with his cock and used her shit as lube to masturbate him. She also made him lick the soles of her shoes.

This mistress is a quiet and laid back one and her slave mistook that for being soft. She did not give him a reason to doubt his view of her. He continued doing what he did and even began ignoring her instructions. She surprised him one day when she punished him cruelly. She shit into his mouth and facesat on him. She made sure he ate all of that shit before she let him go. He never ignored any of her instructions again.

This guy tried to steal from these mistresses and they punished him like he had never been punished before. The mistresses played along and he thought he had succeeded in conning them and stealing from them but in reality, they were luring him to their house where they took him to the bathroom and shit on him as punishment. He was forced to eat shit and he ate it humiliatingly.

Mistress Anna had a new slave and she had to make sure he knew that she does not tolerate nonsense. For his first punishment, he did not do anything bad. That was to teach him what not to do. The mistress shit on the poor guy and covered his face using her shit and he was so scared of what she would do to him if he did not obey her that she did everything he asked for.

Mistress JosslynKane had a bet with a friend of hers to find out whether she would be able to finger herself in the ass, use a dildo on her ass and also lick the shit out of her fingers which had shit on them. They agreed on a figure and the mistress did not care what happened. She did not care about having a slave and she enjoyed it like that and she won the bet.

When it comes to punishments, few come close to this mistress. What makes her lethal is because she is very patient. She waited till the day she had diarrhea then she used it to humiliate her slave. She shit on his face and straight into his mouth and forced him to lick her shit. The slave was humiliated and degraded but he did not have a choice but to do as told.

These mistresses are friends and they both love shit fetish. But they had always done it alone and today they had an idea of trying it and doing it together. It sounded like a great plan so they went to the house of one of them. They turned her slave into a human toilet and forced him to eat their shit and swallow it. They smeared it all over his face as well.

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