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Mistress Simay was a good and faithful girlfriend. Beyond that, she is a gorgeous girl. And when she was cheated on, she knew she was too pretty and too good for him. She did not bother to mend things with him. She made him eat her shit and when he was done, she dumped his ass. He tried to ask for forgiveness and promise not to do it again but she did not care.

Mistress GingerScatXXX did not like her doorman as she felt that he was a spy and she had to make sure he did not reveal anything about her to anyone. She loves her privacy and she wanted to make sure that no one knew anything about her whatsoever. So she took the weakest link which was the doorman and she fixed it. She had him eat her shit and he never told anyone anything about her.

Mistress Vivian had sent this guy nude photos because they were having sex. But he, on the other hand, went ahead and he shared them with his friends and she found out. She was so pissed and disappointed at him that she had to punish him cruelly because of what he had done. She made him eat her shit and she also took videos which she intended to share as well.

When scatqueen Delilah noticed that she was being taken for a ride by this loser, she had to torture and humiliate him in a way that he had never been. And that is why she chose to make him eat her poo. But as he ate her shit, she smoked and she used him as a human ashtray. So it was a case of double humiliation for the guy and he could not do anything about it.

Mistress Anna hates pretenders and people who misbehave. She could not stand and watch as this guy did it. So she took matters into her own hands and she turned the guy into a shit eater. He had to eat her poo and wash it all down with her poo. She did not care what he felt and what he went through as he ate it because she knew it was important for him to feel and go through that in order to change.

Mistress Wael had concerns about her boyfriend's fidelity and when he ignored her, she had to get his attention. She did it in a way he would never forget so that he would never do such a thing again. The mistress made her man eat her shit as well as drink her pee. He addressed those concerns and he never ignored her again as he knew what to expect from her.

Mistress Christina and mistress Swetlana had a deal with this guy. He was a broker but he did not keep his end of the bargain and the mistresses were not happy with him. Instead of letting him go, the mistresses made sure that the guy learned his lesson the hard way and that he ate their shit so as never to forget and mess with them. They forced him to uphold his end of the bargain.

Mistress Wael did not want to waste the expensive food she had eaten at an upscale restaurant. And since her slave had messed up and was to be punished, the mistress made him eat her shit as punishment. That was his dinner and he was not going to eat anything else until the following day. It was a cruel punishment but it was what he needed in order to change.

Madame Du B felt that she was not getting value for her money with this slave and she had to punish him for it. The mistress did not want to change and follow the instructions of the mistress and that is how and why she had to teach him a lesson. The mistress had a great time shitting on him and as he ate her shit, he realized that he had to change.

Goddess Tempest felt that this slave needed to be warned and she did it with her scat fetish. The mistress felt that this slave would mess up with her if she did not send a strong warning and so she was duty bound to put him in his place. And that is how she made the guy lick her shit and eat it. The slave never went against her word.

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