Scat Fetish Videos

Clips of sexy shitting girls

Sarah, Tima and Alexia are new to scat fetish but they are determined to make sure that they are good at it. They took a slave and practiced on him

Alexa knows that she has a nice figure and many people want a piece of it. So she makes them sit through her poo fetish sessions where she shits on a glass to see who will retain their interest thereafter

Lady Amira wanted to serve her slave a tasty meal on his birthday. So she pooped and pissed on a plate and fed him

This guy wanted to seduce Isabella. He told her he could do anything for her. So she tested him. She made him lie down and pooped on him and asked him to eat and swallow

Alexa has a poo fetish. She likes to poop on herself and smear the poo on herself. She does this with the knowledge that her slave will clean her up

Mistress Gaia is an unforgiving mistress. When her slave forgot to carry out her instructions, he was severely punished. She shit on him and made him eat it

Miss Decadoria wanted to humiliate this slave like never before. So she shit on him and then made him masturbate using her shit. He had no choice but to use the shit as lube

Pooping is one of my favorite things to do. And I like the experience of pooping in different places. Today I wanted to poop in a plantation and I did

I was feeling naughty and wanted to do something outrageous. My slave was my first choice obviously. So I pooped and pissed into a bowl and fed the piss and crap to him

My friend had spoken ill about me. And I wanted to get back at her. I went to her closet and took out a jar and pooped in it and let it smell on her clothes and shoes

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