Scat Fetish Videos

Clips of sexy shitting girls

Mistress Anna was tired and she did not feel like trampling or beating up her slave. She asked her friend to do it for her but she was not in the mood either. So she decided to shit on her slave so she improvised a toilet seat and used it to shit on the slave. It looked interesting and she was surprised when her friend joined her and wanted to have a go at the slave.

Mistress Roberta has a slave because she wants someone she can humiliate and degrade any time she feels like and for no reason at all. She had read about scat fetish online but she had never tried it till today. She had a lot of time on her hands and she decided to keep herself busy by shitting on her slave. She shit on his face and then shoved the shit into his mouth as he was reluctant to eat it.

This mistress recorded all her shits. She wanted to find out how big a shit she could manage to pass through her asshole. Today she was a bit constipated and as she struggled to shit, she managed to let out a big load from her ass although there was a little pain as she did it. She did not feel the pain because she was excited with the size of the shit.

This mistress hates spies. When she realized that this guy was one, she did not let him know. She hid the fact till she had him where she wanted him. She then tortured him using her shit. She fed it to him and made sure he chewed all of it and he swallowed it. She did it slowly for maximum impact and by the time she was done with him, she knew he would never spy again.

Goddess Luxurious wanted to punish her slave for being rude to her guests. She did not appreciate it and neither did they. She had to punish him because what he did reflected badly on him and they were guests who are important to her. She did not want it to happen again so she shit on him and ensured he ate and swallowed all of her shit. He never did it again.

Mistress Kaidence did not like what she saw her slave do when she was not around. She had asked someone to spy on him and the report she got was not good. She was pissed and sought to teach him a lesson he would never forget. She went and shit into the toilet and instead of flushing, she made him remove the shit with his hands and then smear it on his face.

Mistress Isabella heard a lot of her friends talking about shit fetish and she wondered how they enjoyed it. They spoke about it many times and made her feel like an outcast for not having tried it. So she decided to try it and when she did, she still did not get why they loved it so much because of all the pungent smell and all. But she pretended to have enjoyed it.

Mistress Alina was broke and could not go out to have fun but she could do so at home for free. She had a scat fetish and she knew it would not be a problem for her to enjoy her shit fetish. She got down to it and ate and drank foods to enable her shit. Then she went to the bathroom and played with her shit the way she had planned.

This mistress wanted to reward her slave for her loyalty and her good work. She had told him to write to her to tell her what he wanted. When she read his letter, she was surprised. He wanted her to touch herself and then to shit on him. She had promised to do what he wanted so she did it and she even shit on him and he had the chance to see and smell and touch her pussy and her ass.

When it comes to naughty fun, few mistresses are as good as this mistress. She likes to do anything that comes to mind and today what came to mind is shit fetish. She did not shy away from it. She looked for a slave who would do what she wanted and when she found one, she got down to it immediately. She had him eat her shit and drink her pee as she smoked.

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