Scat Fetish Videos

Clips of sexy shitting girls

Mistress Gaia gets angry pretty quickly and over mundane things. She made her slave eat her shit just for being a few minutes late.

Sophie is a hot girl. But her weird fantasies make her even hotter. She likes experimenting and this time she was trying out a shit fetish. She sat on a chair and shit on herself then masturbated with it

Jae has a new fetish blog. She wanted to make it popular so she would do crazy stuff and upload it. This time, she taped herself shitting and uploaded it

This mistress is gorgeous in every sense of the word. She also has a big ass and knows guys love it. So she takes advantage of it to humiliate guys with it by making them lick her asshole

Alexa is the queen of scat. She is unlike other mistress who just love humiliating slaves with their shit. Alexa likes to play with her own shit and smear it all over herself

She was mad at her friend. So she decided to have revenge. She went into her friend's house and shit on her floor and let it stink there

This mistress sat down and thought about the best way to humiliate her slave. Then it occurred to her that she loves her hair. So she shit on her hair as punishment.

Stephi was bored at home when she found out about scat fetishes online. She was excited and wanted to try it. She tried it and it was fun. She spent the whole weekend just shitting in different places in the house.

Watch as ebony scat princess Scarlett Marie drops a big pile of messy and loose shit on a plate. Her pink asshole spreads apart and a huge pile of scat fills up half the plate. She takes a handful of the shit and puts it on the bun. The shit burger is just sloppy enough for you to eat. If you can't eat your shit burger, she will just have to make you eat it out of her asshole.

Sweet Melania is not called sweet for nothing. She is cute and blonde and she loves when guys watch her take a shit. She sits on the bed in pink and she's already playing with herself for the occasion. She shits on a clean counter and fills a container up with her piss. Turns out it's all for her. She starts eating her own shit and starts smearing the smelly scat all over her face and gets horny from doing it.

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