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Jenicha does what she does best and takes a nice hot creamy shit on the bathroom floor. The shit comes out of her anus nice and creamy as she spreads it and takes a nice hearty dump on the floor. Jenicha loves to take a shit wherever she goes and today she feels like taking a shit in the bathroom on the bathroom floor. The shit is nice and creamy.

Princes Nikki is a sexy blonde mistress that is going to a perverted shit lovers house and she is going to shit on him because he pays her extremely well. She arrives at his house and makes him hold a plate above his face and she squats down over him and starts shitting on the plate. She covers the white plate with her firm logs and her warm piss for him to eat later.

This cute chick with glasses takes a nice fat dump into the tub as she spreads her anus and puts this creamy crap right into the bathtub. It is early in the morning so she is a little tired so maybe she meant to take the shit in the toilet and realized too late it was the tub. It doesn't matter because she looks sexy spreading it and taking a shit.

The scat queen Jenicha takes a nice hearty shit and then proceeds to place the big dark chocolate inside her mouth. She rubs the creamy piece of poo against her tongue sliding it in and out of her mouth before she eats her own shit. She didn't have nay dinner so she figured she'd grab a snack from her own anus and also turn you on in the process.

This sexy brunette mistress has to take a shit really bad so she rushes to the bathroom and sits down on the toilet. She then starts pushing and you can hear her several logs as they splash into the water below her sexy ass. She then stands up and lets you peek into the toilet water and see the firm logs that she made just for you to enjoy and admire!

Mistress Jenicha is feeling a little bit hungry again she wants to make herself a little snack to enjoy. She wipes an area clean on the counter and squats down on it and lets you watch nice and close as she pushes out a creamy log that lands on the counter underneath of her. She then puts her face down next to the creamy shit and eats it right off the counter and enjoys all of her smelly shit.

This sexy ebony mistress made her slave eggs for breakfast but he said that they were to runny so she decided to give him something a little firmer. She takes his plate of eggs and puts it on the floor. She then squats down over the plate and pushes out a firm pile of shit. She then covers the shit and eggs with her fresh hot piss and makes him eat it all.

This sexy mistress has to really take a shit so she goes to the bathroom and stands on the toilet seat squatting down as she starts to shit and then lets you watch. Next she sits is on the counter and shits on the counter and the last clip she puts one leg on the counter and then spreads her ass apart as she pushes out her creamy load. For all the clips she wipe after wards and lets you watch!

Mistress Jenicha is a sexy brunette mistress that is feeling a little bit hungry and she decides to make herself a little homemade snack. She takes and puts a container on the floor and squats down and shits into the container filling it up with her firm logs. She takes the fresh warm logs and picks them up with her fingers and takes a huge bite out of the logs and then eats the rest as she enjoys her snack.

Princess Nikki is a sexy blonde mistress that is doing her first ever shitting clip and she is using three of her slaves to be her human toilets. She has all three of them lay down on the floor and they all open their mouths and get ready for her to drop her load. She then takes them one at a time and squats over their mouths and fill them full of their fresh warm shit.

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