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Clips of sexy shitting girls

This mistress had a sheltered upbringing. Her folks were rich but they were rarely home. So she was always by herself and she always locked herself in her room. She started to think of ways to keep herself busy and she discovered the shit fetish. She enjoyed it so much she started to record herself shitting. She loved it and started a blog. That is how she became a superstar in the world of scat fetish.

This mistress knew how much her boyfriend loves her blowjobs. She wanted something as well so she gave him the best one yet. He was crazy and wanted more. She told him she wanted him to do something for her and told her he would do anything. She shit on herself and smeared it on her body and told him to lick it, eat it and then fuck her hard. He did.

This mistress knew her sister's boyfriend was a loser and good for nothing. She wanted them to break up but she knew her sister would not listen to her. So she hatched a plan that worked. She went to the guy and humiliated and degraded him till he agreed to break up with her. She made him eat her shit and swallow it and endure many other humiliating and degrading things.

This mistress is a curious one. She wanted to see how she shits and what happens to her ass. So she got her camera and placed it near her special toilet which she made specially for that purpose. She recorded herself shitting and enjoyed watching the whole thing. She loved it and enjoyed recording more things. She found herself so much into shit fetish she could not get out.

This mistress did not like what her sister's boyfriend did to her sister. Her sister was heartbroken and she took it upon herself to remedy the situation for her sister. She wanted to teach the guy a lesson and she did. She forced him to open his mouth and she shit into it. She humiliated him and forced him into eating all that shit. She then told him what to do to make things right.

If there is one person you do not want to mess with, it is mistress Isabella. She does not like to get mad. She is a mistress who gets even. She does not waste time getting mad or being bitter at someone. She likes to make them curse the day they messed with her. This guy did and lived to regret it as she turned him into her toilet and shit into his mouth.

Mistress Gaia did not like the present that her slave bought her for her birthday. She wanted to punish her in order to make sure she acquires better taste. She made her undress and she shit into a plate. She then took a spoon and added pepper into her shit and fed it to him. She was not given the chance to drink anything. Just eat all of it and finish.

There is nothing that this mistress loves as much as she loves her shit. Scat fetish is her life and without it, her life would be dull and boring. She was alone in her house when she felt horny. She had no one to put her out of her misery so she took matters into her own hands. She shit and smeared it all over herself before using it as lube to masturbate.

This mistress does not forgive. She loves to get even. Forgiving people is a sign of weakness and she does not like to look or even be weak. When this guy pissed her off, she did not let it go. She hunted him down and waited for the opportune time before she struck. Her striking involved her shitting into his mouth and him having to eat it as if it was a five star meal.

Nikki wanted to show her husband how mad she was with him. She did not want to talk to him. She wanted to do something that would show him the extent of what she felt. She made him wear a mask them shit on the floor and made him eat. She even came with a spoon in order to make him eat better. He had no option but to eat the shit.

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