Scat Fetish Videos

Clips of sexy shitting girls

This mistress wanted to shit but her slave had not yet made the toilet which had been broken. So she decided she was not going to waste time arguing with him why he had not done it. She decided to give him an incentive to do it faster and when she was done with him, he did it in record time. She used him as her human toilet and shit and pissed on him.

These two hot mistresses are college students. They come from humble backgrounds and they wanted to have money for clothes, going out and buying expensive stuff that they saw with other girls. They decided to try scat fetish and see if it would give them money. They did it and the response grew steadily because of their dedication as well as their elegance and beauty. They got what they wanted by creating a blog for their fetish.

These young mistresses wanted to have fun like they have never had before. One of them proposed they get a slave and humiliate it. They agreed to try it since no one had ever done it before. They had fun shitting and degrading the slave and it was so much fun. It was not any fun for the slave and he was degraded and humiliated in a way he could not even wish for his worst enemy.

This plump mistress likes to do weird and nasty things. She has a fetish for poo and she does not let anything get in the way of her and her fetish. She likes to play with her shit a few times a day whenever she has the time. She likes to shit and then step on it with her feet as a treat to her many fans and admirers online.

Despite being mature, this mistress has never let go her love for scat fetish. She likes to do it anytime she feels like and when time allows. She likes to shit in a bowl and then feed her slave or do something else with it. Sometimes she shits on the bowl and then tries to make some food like cake with it and still make her slave eat it all.

Tegan is a hot mistress with a hot ass. She was mad at her friend and she wanted to get back at her. So she decided to do something nasty. She decided to go into her friend's bedroom and shit in it. She did it when her friend was not in and left it to stink and fill up the whole room. That was extremely cruel and did the trick.

This mistress has a nice ass. She is also a yoga fan and likes to show off her yoga prowess. She also likes to take the chance to show off her shit fetish. The yoga poses are especially great for shitting and she never lets the chance pass without her doing it. That is what makes her blog one of the most liked shit fetish blogs. She is very flexible.

This mistress called her friend to come and see how a slave is supposed to be humiliated and punished. She removed her pants and shit on the slave's face. She then made sure her friend followed what she did. By the time they were done with the slave, her friend was an expert in using shit to humiliate slaves. The slave was humiliated and degraded but they did not care.

These models like to have extreme fun. They lied to one of their friends that human shit has nutrients which help in making the skin glow and stay healthy. Since she was always conscious about her appearance, she agreed. They smeared her skin and smeared themselves. They then laughed at her and told her they have a shit fetish and they had pranked her. She was very mad about it.

Adison is a proud mistress. She feels like she is better than other people and she is not kind to them. She likes to mistreat and humiliate them and that is what she did to this loser. She tied a leash to him and then made her eat her shit straight from her asshole. She made him swallow all of it and lick her asshole clean as if she had wiped it for hours.

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