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When this slave double crossed this mistress, he did not know that he had brought himself a lot of trouble. And now he had to endure it all as the mistress had to make sure that he learned his lesson and that he stopped messing around. He had to know that he would be made to account and that he had to pay for his crimes of double crossing her.

Mistress Ezada and mistress Medea had a bone to pick with their instructor as they felt that they were being shortchanged and they did not get value for their money. They did what they do best and they turned the instructor into a shit slave. As he was fed shit, he realized he had messed with the wrong mistresses and he begged them for mercy and promised to change and he did.

This business owner was rude and despite it being his business, mistress Anna did not like how he treated her. She had to make sure that never did that again. The mistress shocked him by shitting on him and also peeing on him. He got the shock of a lifetime and that is how he changed. He did not know how they would react and so he stopped being rude to customers.

This mistress needed photography services and so she hired this photographer to provide the said services. They had an agreement on everything but the guy breached the agreement by getting to the venue late. She was so pissed but she held her cool until the event was over. Then she punished him by shitting on him and she told him that that was the remainder of his payment. He never did that again.

When these mistresses noticed that many of them were victims of the office pervert, they had a meeting and agreed that they needed to do something about it. The best thing for them to do was to shit on him and they chose to do it together so that he not only ate shit, but he ate the biggest load of crap anyone has ever done. He dropped his perverted bullshit immediately.

Mistress Mia was hit on by her dad's friend. She did not like it but she had seen an opportunity to try scat fetish. So she wore her mask, and she undressed and remained with her bra and her sexy underwear. She then teased the guy who was fully undressed. She facesat on him and had him enjoy it for a minute before she suddenly shit on him and shocked the hell out of him.

Mistress Gaia did not want a timid slave in her house so she took a dump on this one to make sure he learned to stop being timid. She had tried to be fair and to talk to him about it but she did not see any changes hence why she chose to shit on him. And as she made him eat her poo, she had a feeling he would change this time.

Mistress Zephy wanted her slave to learn to eat poo as well as pee. The guy had no choice but to learn since she told him he would be facing a lot of shit eating and pee drinking. The guy at first thought that he was dreaming but he pinched himself and realized that h was not dreaming. He tried to beg her not to do it but she ignored him.

No one who worked for mistress Ann was allowed to be disorganized. That is what this guy had to learn but he failed to learn it the way she wanted. So she had no choice but to punish him. And she made it a cruel punishment by forcing him to eat her shit and he could not believe that it was him who was being made to do all those things.

Mistress Heidi was not pleased with the things that she learned about this guy and so she used her shit to punish him. But she was so pissed with him that even after she had made him eat her shit, she still felt that she was not ok with him. So she chased him away after that as she knew things would never go back to what they were before.

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