Scat Fetish Videos

Clips of sexy shitting girls

Jenicha is a rare mistress, because not only does she love scat play, but she will also play in her own shit. Jenicha will take a nice fresh shit, but she doesn't stop there. Jenicha will stick her fingers in her own poo. She is wanting to see just how bad her shit smells, and she wants to feel how warm and soft her fresh poop is.

Pinknwets knows just how to make her slaves beg to see her. She is going to set up a video camera, so she can show her slave's the recent super long turd that is falling out of her ass. She wants a slave to come over and start eating up her poo. Pinknwets knows she is a bad girl, and her slave all love her shit.

A group of ladies are tired of using the bathroom, so they decide on a new game just for the slave in their house. They are going to make a special chair, just so they can sit on the chair and start to push out mountains of shit right on his face. The slave knows he is going to be into quite a bit of shit from the girls.

Many mistresses will take time out of their busy day just for shitting. However, not just any shitting happens. The mistresses will use plates to shit on, because the shit is always saved for the slaves. Anywhere from fresh shit to older shit, there is always a plate ready to go for the slaves. The slaves must eat the shit no matter what, because they were ordered to.

A toilet slave knows what his tasks are when it is time to serve a mistress. He knows he must lay down on the ground and be ready for anything that comes flying into his mouth. He is used to warm piss and hot shit, but with his mistress, he just never knows what kind of naughty things she will do to him. Her slave is pathetic.

Jenicha can do amazing things with her asshole. Not only can she consume a great deal of food, but she can also push out some of the largest turds from her asshole. Jenicha loves to taste her shit too. After her asshole stretches out wide enough to start pushing on her own shit. She will get her shit onto a plate and start to taste it.

Annie is always looking for something new to do. She is going to have some fun with scat play. Instead of having a slave over to help her have scat fun, she is going to do it herself. She will take her tight little ass over a plate, and she will start to push out the tightest of turds from her tight little asshole. This is her new fun.

Hot Jenicha can never turn down an opportunity when it comes to shitting and having a slave lick her asshole clean. She is going to push out the biggest turd on the floor, but she isn't stopping there. Jenicha also loves to taste her own shit and smear it all over the place. She is very hardcore when it comes to scat play and humiliation.

Two hot ladies are going to have some fun with a slave. The night before they went out and had a super gourmet meal with every trimming imaginable. They held in their shit all day long, because they knew they were going to have a slave over soon. The ladies released the biggest squirt shit all over the slave. The slave will be covered in shit.

Lady Amy is going to really teach her slave about shitting and scat play. Lady Amy will have a few of her friends over, so her slave will get more shit than ever. She will have each one of her friends stand over the slave and begin to shit. There is going to be so much shit from the all of the ladies, the slave will be full.

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