Scat Fetish Videos

Clips of sexy shitting girls

This mistress sat down and thought about the best way to humiliate her slave. Then it occurred to her that she loves her hair. So she shit on her hair as punishment.

Stephi was bored at home when she found out about scat fetishes online. She was excited and wanted to try it. She tried it and it was fun. She spent the whole weekend just shitting in different places in the house.

Watch as ebony scat princess Scarlett Marie drops a big pile of messy and loose shit on a plate. Her pink asshole spreads apart and a huge pile of scat fills up half the plate. She takes a handful of the shit and puts it on the bun. The shit burger is just sloppy enough for you to eat. If you can't eat your shit burger, she will just have to make you eat it out of her asshole.

Sweet Melania is not called sweet for nothing. She is cute and blonde and she loves when guys watch her take a shit. She sits on the bed in pink and she's already playing with herself for the occasion. She shits on a clean counter and fills a container up with her piss. Turns out it's all for her. She starts eating her own shit and starts smearing the smelly scat all over her face and gets horny from doing it.

Mistress Gaia wanted to toughen up her slave. She decided to use a simple trick - disgust her. She made her lie down and shit on her face

Scatha is a very cruel brunette who humiliates her slaves in all types of mean ways. This time she makes her toilet slave wear a mask while she wraps him in plastic. She wraps him tight until he can't move then start shitting in his mouth. Her extra large turds fill his mouth and get packed in it. He needs to start chewing and swallow these turds or he is going to smother in her poo. She just keeps shitting.

This is 2 Girls in 1 Cup number 2. These girls get even nastier. Nikki and Jess are two friends that are so close that they like to drink each other's piss and eat each other's shit. They mix a nice cup full of messy turds and top it with whipped cream. They put their mouths together while they are full of scat and whip cream. They decide to wash it down with some warm piss. That is their favorite drink.

Lady Milena is a gorgeous scat queen with a nice body who teaches you how to fill a container with shit so you can eat it later. She pulls her pants down and sits on the toilet then pulls her panties off and wiggles her sexy toes at you. She squats down and spreads her legs showing her sweet and tender pussy. She demonstrates how the turd falls out of her asshole and curls around inside the container until it was full.

Other mistresses like to masturbate using lubricants and dildos. This mistress on the other hand likes to smear herself with her shit and use the shit as lubricant to masturbate

Molly Jane never does scat videos. This is an exclusive. Molly sits on the toilet seat in her panties. She takes her panties off and sits backward on the seat so you can see her luscious asshole spread open. She pushes out a dark and massive turd in the toilet and looks so beautiful that Cory Chase decides to take a reverse shit herself and see what it feels like. It is just as hot with both girls spreading assholes.

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