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Clips of sexy shitting girls

Cherry Adams, Louise Hunter and Cherry Torn wanted to have some disgusting fun. So they got naked and stared leaking each other's dirty assholes which they had used to shit just a few minutes before. And then they kissed each other.

Alexa likes doing things only she can think of. She wanted to remember how it felt to poop in her pants so she wore her spandex shorts and then pooped on them and soiled herself. And she actually liked it

BizarrLady is a sexy mistress who loves to humiliate and abuse her loser slaves. Today she gets naked and gives her slave a brutal facesitting session but with a twist. She sits down on her slaves face and then takes a shit and pushes out a ton of creamy shit and it smears all over her slaves face and then she moves her ass all around and then smears it over her ass and the rest of the slaves face.

Mistress Gaia is a sexy mistress and she knows that you are hungry and that you want to eat a large lunch. She has been working on making your lunch all morning and now she is ready to deliver it to you nice and hot! She puts a plate under her puckering asshole and then pushes out her entire load all over the plate and has you eat every bite of her shit for your lunch!

Hot Jenicha is a sexy mistress who has to take a massive shit that she has been saving up for some time. She lays back on the floor and lifts her legs in the air so you can see all the action nice and close up. She uses her hands and pulls her ass apart so you can see her massive asshole as she pushes out a super large and extra long log!

Mistress Mandy Flores got a request from a customer this morning and he wants her to send him her shit in the mail to his house so he can enjoy her stinky pile in person. She made a video of her shitting in the bowl so that when he gets it he can watch her push it out. She takes a clear glass bowl and puts it behind her ass and fills it with her huge pile of shit.

This poor Chinese slave can not even speak a world of English but that does not matter because he does not need to speak to understand what he needs to do. He lays on the floor and his head is under the portable toilet and his mistress sits above him with her ass ready to push out a massive load. He opens him mouth and her shit lands directly into his mouth and he eats every last bite.

Here you will find the top ten scat mistresses that we have to offer. This is a clip of the top ten put together so you can enjoy only the best! You can watch these babes shit in the bathroom or in a swimming pool and then watch them as they rub the shit all over their faces and bodies and even eat it just to make you happy and give you something to jerk off to.

Mistress Gaia is a sexy mistress with her slave on a shit box so she can shit right into his mouth and he is forced to eat every last bite of her creamy load. He is wearing a blindfold so he is not sure when her shit will land into his mouth but he opens his mouth and waits for her shit to fill his mouth so he can eat every last bite.

Mistress Mandy Flores has gotten an order for one of her loser slaves and now she is making him exactly what he wanted. Special brownies that he will love to eat and he will enjoy every last bite! She has a bowl that she puts under her ass and she fills it with shit and piss then mixes in the brownie mix and throws them into the oven. Then she gets them ready to send to her loser slave to eat.

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