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Clips of sexy shitting girls

When mistress Nakia discovered that this guy had lied to her, she was upset because he had lied to her and taken advantage of her. She used her big ass to punish him. She undressed and facesat on him and made him lick her asshole as well as eat her shit. He did not have a choice and by the time she was done with him, she knew he would never lie again.

Mistress Lisa loves to shit and piss on slaves. This slave had defied her orders and she was not amused. She did not want to condone such behavior and she did not want him to think it was fine for him to disobey her. To make sure he did not get away with it, she turned him into her human toilet. She shit into his mouth and forced him to eat it.

Mistress Seiko did not have much to do and also nowhere to go. She was bored out of her freaking mind and she wanted to try something new. So she used her shit fetish to have fun. She went to her room and she undressed and took videos of herself shitting. She enjoyed doing all kinds of crazy things with her shit and she managed to have fun and to pass time.

Mistress Kaidence was horny and she felt like shitting. Instead of choosing one over the other, she decided to do both. She is adept at multi tasking so it was not a big deal for her to get the best of both masturbating to deal with her horny feeling as well as shitting to satisfy her biological urge to shit. She did both and in the end she was satisfied with both.

This mistress had ordered her slave to eat her shit but he did not. She was pissed at his disobedience that he shoved the shit which was on his face into his mouth using her feet. She forced him to open his mouth and she made sure he ate all of it and that he swallowed it as well. She warned him never to disobey her again if he wanted peace.

This mistress knows how to have fun. She can think of anything and then do it for fun. She had a naughty thought of trying to have fun with her shit and instead of continuing to think about it, she actualized it. She took a dump into a container and used it to humiliate her slave and degrade him. Her slave did not have a choice but to do as told.

Mistress Anna is a mistress who does not like getting mad at certain things. She prefers to get even. If someone messes with her, she does the same. That way, she does not keep things inside and does not suffer stress. When this guy called her names, she did not bother calling him names. She just shit on him and forced him to eat her shit and drink her pee.

Mistress Gaia's business was suffering from many competitors. She had to innovate and come up with better products than her competitors in order to survive. When she realized that this guy had copied one of her inventions, she had to take what he had copied and destroy it. She cornered him one day and she tortured him by shitting on him and crushing his balls too. He gave her the master and she destroyed it.

Mistress Alina was taking a walk when she felt like shitting. Being a mistress with a shit fetish, she decided to have fun with it since she was on a secluded place. She shit on herself and had fun given how naughty and wrong it felt. She removed her shorts and laughed when she saw how her ass and her thighs were covered in shit. She then ran home to take a bath.

This mistress loves shit. She enjoys playing with it and she can swear that it is good for her skin. She enjoys smearing her face with shit and leaving it to dry before washing it off. Today she wanted to combine her shit fetish with some fun so she pooped on herself and she also gave her boyfriend a blowjob. He loved how naughty she was and how she could do anything and try anything.

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