Scat Fetish Videos

Clips of sexy shitting girls

Alexa loves shitting. She does not like the shit to escape. She wants her ass to marinate in it and give her a slightly burning sensation she loves. She puts on a diaper to make sure she achieves that

This mistress has a scat fetish blog. She loves posting pictures of herself pooping out huge loads of crap. It had been long since she did it and she had a great one for the blog

Gaia wanted to show her slave who called the shorts at her house. She undressed and made the slave eat her shit and swallow it

This guy wanted to fuck this mistress. She agreed but he did not know she was a scat queen. She made him eat her shit first before they fucked

Michelle is a cruel mistress. She hates weak men and loves humiliating them. She met this one and had fun making him eat her shit

Lady Bella's boyfriend wanted anal sex. She agreed but she wanted something in return. She wanted him to eat her poop first

This mistress was mad at her boyfriend. She knew he was a clean freak so she woke up before him and shit in the bathtub before he got in to shower and go to work

Alexa has a scat fetish. She never says no to a shit craving. She had showered and was getting dressed when the urge came and she shit on herself

This mistress was mad at her slave and she wanted to give him a befitting punishment. She shit into his mouth and made him eat it

Gaia is a cruel mistress. She knew her slave had a crush on her and died to see her naked. So she got naked but smeared shit on her stomach. She then made him lick the shit

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