Scat Fetish Videos

Clips of sexy shitting girls

This mistress knows that she's hot and has a great ass. She likes to tempt her slave or an admirer with it and then catch them off guard and shit on them or at the very least fart on them

Scat play is always a good time and a sexy babe can't get enough of shit. Not only does she eat her shit, but she eats the shit of her partner. She loves to put and smear shit on her face, but she will use a spoon to put the shit in her mouth. She truly loves shit and making sure she gets super extreme with poo.

Jenicha's slave wanted food. He had been angry for a while. To his surprise, she got up, undressed and then took a container and took a dump in it. She then made him eat all that shit

Alexa is experienced in the art of sadism and slow torture, She tortured her slave with her hot naked body and then made him eat her shit and lick her ass without minding how degrading it was for him

Lady Jenny has a great ass. But she does not like it fucked like most guys would want to. She instead likes to use it to poop on guys who want to fuck her and those who annoy her and make her angry

Lady Lisa was mad at her slave and for his punishment, she decided to poop on her. She had diarrhoea, which was even better. She ordered the slave to smear himself with her poop and he had no choice

This sexy mistress likes herself so much and so does a lot of things to herself. She likes masturbating and of late, does it to her anus and enjoys pooping and making her slave watch or be pooped on

These hot school girls are every boy's fancy at school. But they like to make the guys who keep their company pay for looking cool. They use them as toilet paper. They take a dump on their faces and have then clean the girls up

This mistress promised this sex starved guy the best sex of his life, but he had to do something for her. He had to let her take a dump on his face and he had to eat that shit

This mistress is a sadist. She likes a wet dump and especially when she soils herself with it. But it does not end there. She likes to make a slave lick her clean and eat her dump

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