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Mistress Gaia has been away for a few days and left her slave all alone in the dungeon with nothing to do. Now that she's back, she's going to feed him. SHe starts off by making him lick the bottoms of her filthy soles. Once she's happy with the job he's done, she squats right over his face and treats his mouth to a massive load of nasty, sloppy shit.

Mistress Anna has a slave that constantly needs to be reminded of his place and that's exactly what she's doing when she puts on his chastity device. She sits on her toilet seat and makes him lick her asshole until it opens up and fills his mouth with her disgusting diarrhea. The worst part for him as that he can't jerk his little cock while he swallows it all down.

Mocha Puff loves cats so much that sometimes she pretends to be one just for a little bit of fun and that's what's she doing now when she has to shit. She gets on her hands and knees and spreads her legs over the litter box. She lets her piss and shit flow from her and plop into the litter. When she's done, she covers it all up just like a cat.

The Silicone Mistress is backed up but she's finally around a toilet and ready to let the shit explode out of her asshole and get enjoyed by a pathetic slave. She starts off by spitting into his mouth to get him in the mood, then squats right over his mouth and lets her shit fly. She gives him a plate to catch everything he can't swallow and makes him eat it while she violates his asshole.

This femdom has a massive pile of shit in her bowels and she wants you to watch as she lets it all slide out of her tight little asshole onto the floor. She gets down on her hands and knees and lets it explode in a giant rope and coil around itself on the floor like a shit snake. She talks the whole time to let you know she's enjoying it.

Mistress Anna is in a good mood because she's been waiting to take a massive shit all day long and now she finally has the chance to relive herself into her slave. She orders him under the toilet seat and and sits down right before the massive gush of diarrhea shoots out of her tight asshole and right into his mouth. It feels so good that she even leans forward and strokes his tiny cock.

Today I have a newbie slave who wants scat training. I'm going to make sure he understands whats required of him, he has to learn to respect me. If he performs well, I said he may have a reward. So I start his training with getting him to worship my shoes. He has to get that tongue of his going and lick the soles properly. Then its time for him to swallow some of my pee.

Miss Madison has you right where she wants you and she's not going to let you walk away hungry. It's her job to feed you and that's exactly what she's going to do. She's going to sit right on her toilet seat and let you watch your delicious meal plop from out of her tight little asshole and fill a plate up before holding it up to you to enjoy.

Milana is at work before anyone else in the office has shown up and she decides to take the opportunity to relieve herself of a steaming pile of shit in her bowels. She heads to the restroom and hovers over it just like any other woman would do to take a piss, but she lets a gush of liquid shit shoot out of her asshole and coat the side of the toilet.

Goddess Andreea calls her slave into the dungeon for a little fun, but he probably won't be having any. She, on the other hand, will have plenty of it. She wears her sexiest outfit because she knows it drives him crazy and forces him to sit there and watch her masturbate right in front of him, ignoring his tiny little cock. Then she squats right over him and fills his mouth with shit.

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