Scat Fetish Videos

Clips of sexy shitting girls

Ingrid is a cruel mistress. She likes to degrade and torture her slaves. She made this one eat her poop, which she put in a jar

Azzura's boyfriend wanted something hot and different. So she gave him extreme. She pooped and smeared the poop on herself while he watched from where she tied him to a chair

This girl discovered the world of scat fetishes and she swore to become the best at it. She made hot videos of herself pooping and she became famous in a very short time

Alexa has many fans who love watching her play with herself and poop. She made them a hot new video where she poops into a bowl while they watch

Sophie's boyfriend wanted anal sex and she didn't. To gross him out, she pooped in her pants so as to make him never want to bring up that subject ever again

This guy had conned these mistresses of their cash and they planned to punish him. They made him lie down naked and shit in his mouth and made him eat it

This mistress's boyfriend loves her ass and asshole. While he was away, he requested her to make a video of her shitting and send it to her. She did and he masturbated to it everyday till he went back home

Inna and her online friends wanted to see who could shit the biggest load of crap. She didn't poop for three days and ate lots of food. And when she shit, it was by far the biggest of all her friends

She was home alone and she was bored. She decided to play with herself and she soon discovered how fun it was to play with her poop

Alexa loves nothing better than she loves poo. When she eats different kinds of food, it is so that she can have a variety of poop. She then smears this poop on herself and makes videos

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