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After she took a bottle and she peed into it, this mistress handed it to this slave and she forced him to drink it. The guy had no choice but to drink it because the mistress made it clear that it was either that or he had to eat her shit as well as be trampled. The guy was humiliated but he drank it as he did not want to eat poo.

Mistress Alice wanted to entertain this guy and she did it with her scat fetish. The guy felt that she had to use her shit to do it and that is what she did. The mistress had fun making him watch her take a shit. It was a bit too gross for him but he managed to watch everything up to the end. She did not think he would make it to the end.

Lady Tassia was pissed to learn that this slave was forgetful. She did not want to be the one to remind him all the time and she had to make him learn to remember things on his own. To motivate him to do so, she used her shit. The mistress cruelly had him eat her poo and she also made him drink her urine. He never forgot things after that.

Mistress Milana had to punish this guy for the way in which he acted. He did not take heed of what she had told him and that angered her even more. He had to be punished and the punished preferred using her shit so as to inflict maximum damage to him. He cried as she did her thing to him and he realized that he had to make peace with her and do what she wanted.

Mistress Milana wanted this slave to know that she was his boss and that she did not entertain any nonsense. That is why the mistress chose to use her whips on him so that he learned his lesson in a cruel manner. When she was done doing that, she embarked on shitting on him and he was so scared of her that he ate her shit as well as drank her urine.

Mistress Anita did not want anyone with a bad attitude near her. She felt that if she allowed any such person, it would be detrimental to her and she would get infected with the bad attitude. But she did not let it get there so she took matters into her own hands and she forced the loser to eat her shit and drink her pee. He also had to lick her asshole clean.

Mistress Gunes had an issue with her ex because he was a pretender. He pretended to be a good person when he was not. When she found out, she knew she had fallen for a liar and con artist. So she had to end things with him and she did it by shitting on him. The guy was very shocked as he had never seen that side of mistress Gunes.

Mistress Tassie has a fetish for outdoor pooping. She loves the fresh breeze on her ass as she takes a dump and she enjoys how she can just get up and walk away after she is done. That is why she loves to go to the woods and other remote areas as she knows she can do it without worrying about who is watching her or who is disgusted by what she does.

Mistress Dula had hired this guy to do some work for her but he did not do it as well as she had expected him to. She was pissed at him and she felt that he needed to do better. That is why she chose to degrade him with her shit so that he would never do to someone else what he had done to her. The punishment worked as he changed.

Mistress Gaia had not planned to shit on this guy. He admired her ass and she had let him get close to it, smell it and even lick it. She wanted to also know what it felt like. But as he continued to do it, her mind wandered to what would happen if she took a dump on him. And as fate would have it, she felt like pooping at that instance. So she did it on his face.

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