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Madam Tulpan was angered by this guy and she felt that he had done it on purpose. So she had to get revenge and since she loves to try things she has never tried before, she chose to make this guy eat her shit. The mistress turned him into a human toilet and he had no choice but to eat poo and drink her pee before she felt that they were even.

This guy did not see the punishment coming. Mistress Mia was pissed at him and she used her shit to punish him. He had to eat her poo as well as drink her pee and he had no choice but to torture and punish him. The mistress had fun having her ass licked in the process. But the poor guy had the worst time of his life eating her poo.

Mistress Medea was angered by how small this guy's dick was. The mistress knew that she had to make him stop exaggerating things because he had made her believe he would rock her world but he clearly could not because he had a small dick. So she made him eat her shit but after she had made him wear a cock ring and also forced him to endure painful ball busting.

This mistress wanted to enjoy shitting on this guy. She felt that shitting on him was not doing it for her and she had to come up with a different way to do it and to achieve it. So she took out the her dildo and she played with her pussy as she faceast on him and as she shit on him. She was thus able to have a good time while degrading him.

This mistress asked this guy to drink her urine and he felt that it was too gross for him and he did not do what she wanted. He refused. And after refusing, he thought that the issue was done. But he had brought himself more problems as she decided to shit on him as opposed to making him drink her urine. He regretted and wished he had drank her pee.

These mistresses wanted to dominate this slave because he was too adamant for them. They did not want to deal with such a person and that is why they went out of their way to shit on him. He thought it was a joke as they showed him their asses. He even got turned on. But he was shocked when they made him eat their shit and drink their urine.

Mistress Gaia wanted this guy to eat shit and he tried to say no to her. So the mistress had to make sure she laid down the law and got him to learn that what she wanted was not a mere suggestion but rather, something that he needed to do as instructed. The guy was shocked to the core but he had no choice but to do what she wanted.

Lady Scarlet has a loud neighbor and she tried to request him to take it down a notch. But he did not and he ignored her. She was not going to let him keep doing it and she punished him with her shit. The mistress had fun making him eat her poop and as he did, he realized it was easier to take it down a notch than to eat shit.

Mistress Melania was pissed at how this guy was incompetent. She felt that he did not do anything the proper way and he had to find a way to do things the right way. So she used her shit as motivation for him to change his mindset and do things the proper way. The guy was shocked at her cruelty and he knew he did not have any alternative but to change.

This guy bullied mistress Ann's brother and he went and reported to her. She was the older sister and she could not let anyone mess with her brother. So the mistress used shit fetish to punish the bully and make him stop that habit. He did not have a choice as the mistress promised to make him life a living hell. He stopped and his victims rejoiced as he did.

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