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Clips of sexy shitting girls

Mistress Gaia loves to do and prepare special meals for her slave. She is going to get ready to take a nice warm shit in a bowl for her slave. Mistress Gaia will then tell her slave to get his ass to her house, because his warm delicacy is waiting for him. She will instruct him to eat all of her shit, and clean the bowl.

Ariel is a sexy babe that takes great pride in her shits. She can shit almost anywhere at any time. She will take a delightful morning shit right on her bathroom floor. The pile of shit will be very large and smelly. Ariel will have one of her human toilet slave's clean up the huge pile of shit for her. She feels so much better.

Pinknwets never seems to amazing the scat community, because she is able to take shits like no other mistress. She is going to take the longest shit ever, to the point where there are several inches of shit falling out of her ass attached in a huge log. She will shit on the floor and get it prepared for her slave to gobble up and eat every bit of it.

Noelia is a very hot and sexy babe. Her body is amazing, and her ass is a slave's dream come true. Noelia is going to have her toilet slave wait for her shit and pee. Once she is ready to take her poo, she is going to take the longest shit ever right on the slave's face. Noelia will also take a piss on his face.

A human toilet slave can be a grueling task. The slave has to do nothing but lay down all day and have multiple pretty ladies pee and shit on his face. Some of the ladies will tease him and humiliate him, but no matter what he is going to get a face full of poo. The slave will get to eat all of the shit that comes his way.

Jenicha loves to shit, but she takes shitting to a whole new level. She is going to shit right on the floor, but she is going to play with her pussy and her asshole as she is pushing shit from her butthole. She will leave a huge pile of shit on the ground that is so brown and stinky. Jenicha needs to figure out what slave needs to come eat her poo.

A slave was given the task of cleaning a toilet. The slave messed up, so the mistress is going to teach her slave a very valuable lesson about doing things right. She is going to take the biggest shit right on the top of his face, and force him to eat the shit. She doesn't tolerate slaves that don't do as they are told. The slave is covered in poo.

Jenicha might take a huge shit on her floor, but that doesn't mean that she is going to clean up the mess. Jenicha loves to shit on the floor and invite her slave over to lick every little bit of shit up off the ground. She doesn't care that the slave is already full, he must eat all the shit up and swallow in front of her.

Rieke is a very extreme and hardcore mistress. She also loves scat play to it's fullest. She is going to take a shit in a bowl, and also take a piss. Rieke will then get a spoon, so she can shovel all of her shit directly into her mouth. She loves to eat her own shit, because she thinks it tastes great. Rieke is very extreme.

Ariel is a very pretty babe that loves to tease her slave with her scat play. She is very sexy and has the prettiest ass ever. When she pulls down her pants, there isn't a slave around that isn't going to fall in love with the shit that falls from her tight little asshole. She is great at shitting and farting in her kitchen for her slave.

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