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After she took a bottle and she peed into it, this mistress handed it to this slave and she forced him to drink it. The guy had no choice but to drink it because the mistress made it clear that it was either that or he had to eat her shit as well as be trampled. The guy was humiliated but he drank it as he did not want to eat poo.

Mistress Alexandra did not want to let this contractor take her for a ride. He was not doing things the way they had agreed and she had to punish him for it. That is why the mistress chose to use scat fetish to deal with him. He was forced to eat her poo as well as smear it all over his face before she was done with him and made him redo the work.

Mistress Dula needed to dominate and punish her callous slave and she did it with her shit. Her repeated talks with him yielded no fruits and she had to change tact in the way she did it. The mistress chose to use her shit to pass a message that he would not be tolerated with his behavior and that is why she punished him and ensured that he changed his ways. He changed his ways after eating poo.

After she took a shit as this slave watched, the mistress stained the toilet bowl with her shit. However, when she was done, the mistress had the slave lick the toilet bowl clean. He had to especially lick the parts with shit so that it would be as clean as she wanted it. He was shocked at her cruelty but he did what she asked as he did not have any alternative.

Mistress Medea felt uncomfortable when this girl hit on her. She tried to talk to her to let her know her discomfort but the girl did not heed her call to stop it. Instead, she doubled down and thought she would get her to her corner. But it did not work out that way and it ended up pissing mistress Medea more. So she used her shit to make her stop.

This mistress did not want to shit on her slave. But she made him watch as she did it. He had to watch as she took a poop in his bedroom and he had to record her doing it. It was humiliating because of the smell as well as the fact that he had to clean up after her. It was not optional and he was forced to do it all.

Mistress Blondie and her friend had a bet and they agreed that whoever lost the bet would eat their own shit. They played hard and it was very competitive as none of them wanted to lose. But there had to be a winner and it was not mistress Blondie. She had no choice but to eat her own shit. It was disgusting but she did it as she had to keep her word.

Mistress Wael did not like how this employee shared her business secrets. He was in a position to know them and he knew that he was not supposed to share any of it but he went ahead and did it. The angry mistress had to make sure that he would never do that again so she made him a toilet slave and he had to eat her poo as well as drink her pee.

This mistress wanted her shit eaten. But since the guy she wanted to eat her shit had never done such a thing before, it was up to her to show the poor guy how to eat the shit. So she took a shit and then she ate it as he watched. When she was done, she told him that he now knew how to do it and he would not need any more instructions.

Mistress Nazyrana was pissed at how she had spent a lot of money on her chef but he did not cook the food she wanted or how she wanted it. So she had to punish him and she did it with her shit. The mistress turned the poor chef into a human toilet and she fed him shit. He could not help but eat it all as she made it clear it was not optional.

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