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Pinknwets is a really fun babe, but she is on her period. Her slave will get a close up of her tampon string as she is taking a nice warm shit. She will allow her slave to get a great view of all the poop that is coming from her asshole. She will even wipe her ass when she is done with her huge stinky poop.

Jenicha is a hot babe that loves scat play. She is very much into shitting and eating her poop. She also loves to have her slave help her with her shit. She is going to take a huge poo, then get down on the ground and eat her own poo. She takes smelly shits, but she doesn't mind the taste, because her shit is so good.

Pinknwets loves to have fun with her poo and her slaves. She is going to squat down low to the ground so her slave can see everything that is going to happen. The slave must watch the poo, because the slave will have his mouthful of her shit soon enough. Pinknwets also loves to taste her own shit, so she and her slave might share a meal.

The bath just got even hotter when two lesbians get into the shower together. One of the lesbians is going to get her pussy and asshole fingered, which makes her get excited. She is going to shit on the other lesbians hand delivering a nice cake of shit. These lesbians are truly dirty girls that love scat play in the shower and sharing each others shit.

Jenicha has a slave that loves her poo. She is going to have her slave get down on the ground in front of her, so she can push out her poo. Jenicha has a huge load of poo that is going to come out on the ground. Her slave will get a great close up of the poop that is falling out of her tight little asshole.

Pinknwet had to take a huge shit. She will squat down on her bathroom floor near her toilet. Pinknwet pushes out an extra large load out of her asshole. She is going to shit on a coffee filter, but she missed a bit. Jenicha will admire her very large shit. She also will enjoy the lovely smell of her stinky shit. Her slave might get a piece of this action.

Jenicha will never cease to amaze her slaves. She has a natural talent of being a really naughty mistress. Jenicha is going to take her tiny panties and stuff them inside her pussy. She will then get ready to push out a huge shit. Her poop is going to slide out her tight asshole as she pulls her panties out of her bald wet pussy.

Pinknwet will always be into scat play. She loves to pull her nice ass cheeks apart, and push out a nice firm load from her asshole. She is great at shitting, plus her poo smells really stinky and it very firm. Her slave is going to have his work cut out cleaning her poo, and perhaps even eating her poo if that is what Pinknwet wants.

Slaves belong on the ground, because they are so pathetic and weak. This slave is on the ground with his face in a pile of piss. The slave doesn't deserve anything more than the shit and piss off the floor. She is going to shit on the floor, and make the slave earn his label as the mistress's slave, otherwise he is just a lame bitch.

Sexy babe Jenicha is always up to no good. She is going to take a nice warm shit right in her sink. A babe like this can do whatever she wants, so shitting in her sink is her preference. Jenicha will push out her brown poo right in front of her slave. She is going to have her slave eat the shit out of her sink.

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