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Jenicha did not want to break up with her boyfriend. She wanted him to break up with her. So she did something crazy. She shit on the floor and smeared it all over her body

Jenicha's slave wanted food. He had been angry for a while. To his surprise, she got up, undressed and then took a container and took a dump in it. She then made him eat all that shit

Hot Jenicha is a sexy mistress who has to take a massive shit that she has been saving up for some time. She lays back on the floor and lifts her legs in the air so you can see all the action nice and close up. She uses her hands and pulls her ass apart so you can see her massive asshole as she pushes out a super large and extra long log!

The sexy and seductive Hot Jenicha got up early this morning and she is ready to make you a tasty treat for breakfast that she has been working on since the night before. She squats down on the floor and teases you with her puckering asshole as she pushes out a creamy log. She takes the perfectly formed log and gives it to your for your breakfast as it is not too soft but not to hard either!

Hot Jenicha is sitting in her living room naked when she starts to get hungry. She is not sure what she wants to eat so she decides to make something homemade. She takes a container and puts it under her ass and then fills it with her small turns straight from her asshole. She then takes them in her fingers and eats them one at a time until she is full.

Hot Jenicha is a smoking hot mistress and she knows that you really want a close up of her shitting and pissing. She takes a plastic container and puts it under her sexy asshole. She starts pushing out a large creamy log and some of her hot piss flows into the container as well. She knows that you are watching and you are getting turned on by her shitting just for you.

Hot Jenicha is a sexy brunette beauty and today she is taking some time to take care of her pink lips. She takes a fresh piece of shit that she has just pushed out of her tight asshole and then puts some of it on her fingers and then rubs it all over her own lips like chapstick because she thinks that it will make her lips softer and more tasty for kissing you!

Hot Jenicha is walking down a hallway when she suddenly has to take a massive shit. She really has to go so she takes off her clothes and squats down in the hallway. She lets you get nice and close so you can see all the action up close and in detail as she pushes a creamy log out of her tight asshole and as it hangs from her asshole until it falls on to the floor beneath of her.

Hot Jenicha loves to watch herself in the mirror as she takes her clothes off and grabs a small plastic tub from the kitchen and spreads her legs wide open so she could watch her creamy shit flow out of her tight little booty hole. She fills the plastic tub so she can eat her crap as soon as she is done shitting so she can enjoy the taste of her shit while it is still warm.

Hot Jenicha is feeling really horny and she wants a kiss from you. She tells that her lips are fully lubricated and that she is waiting for you to lean in and give her a big fat kiss. She takes and picks up one of her turds that she pooped out earlier and smears it all over her lips so that you can taste her fresh creamy shit while she kisses you!

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