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Mistress Nemezis hates being misled and when this guy did it, he had to be punished. The mistress made sure that the guy was humiliated as well as degraded and she saw to it that it all happened the way she wanted. He was turned into a toilet slave and had to eat poo as well as drink pee before they could even talk about anything such as the forgiveness he wanted.

This guy was a weirdo and mistress Tulip did not want to deal with anyone like that. That is why she chose to dominate the guy and she cruelly made sure that he learned his lesson. The mistress made sure that the guy ate her shit and that he drank her water before she was done with him. She warned him against being a weirdo and if he wanted to continue with it, he had to do it far away from her.

Mistress Maria and mistress Anita were fed up with this slave as he was lazy. They had tried everything to change him but he was not changing and they were fed up with him. They had to make him learn that it would not profit him to be lazy and that is how they cruelly turned him into a scat slave. He had to eat their shit and that is what finally changed him.

Mistress Cassie wanted to make sure that her husband learned his lesson before she divorced his ass. The mistress chose to use her hot ass to torture as well as dominate him. He was cruelly made to eat her shit and to do other humiliating and degrading things and he had no choice but to do so. When he thought that was the worst of it, he was served divorce papers.

Mistress Nikki, mistress Ann and mistress Vivian wanted to control these losers and it was becoming harder than they thought it was going to be. They had to think outside the box in order to get what they felt they would. That is how they came to settle on shitting on the losers and making them fear them. That is how they managed to control them as they had wanted.

Just because this guy was a bully, he thought that everyone would be scared of him but it did not work out that way. The mistress humiliated him cruelly and she used her poop to do it. He was turned into a toilet slave and had to be fed poo before she was done with him. He went away and stopped being a bully as he did not want a repeat.

This mistress did not want this slave to continue being as annoying as he had been. That is why she chose to use her shit to dominate him. It was something he had never experienced before. He had taken things for granted but he was not going to do that any longer as she had put him in his place in the most humiliating way he could imagine and he did not want a repeat.

Mistress Eve needed to dominate someone and she made sure that she did it to this guy because he was a pain in her ass and she did not want to deal with such a person. She turned the guy into a shit slave and she forced him to eat all of it. He realized that he had taken her for granted and he had himself to blame for it all.

Mistress Haley had an assistant who did not like to do things the way he was asked. She had tried to mentor him but she felt that he did not want to do things the right way. She chose her shit as the most convenient and appropriate punishment for him. So he had to eat her poo and drink her urine before she was done with him. He never messed up again.

Mistress Medea and her roommate had hired this plumber to do some work for them but he did not do it as well as they expected him to. That is why they chose to degrade him and teach him a lesson no one had ever taught him. He cried and wished that he had not done a poor job but it was too late and he had to eat their poo.

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