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Mistress Haley had an assistant who did not like to do things the way he was asked. She had tried to mentor him but she felt that he did not want to do things the right way. She chose her shit as the most convenient and appropriate punishment for him. So he had to eat her poo and drink her urine before she was done with him. He never messed up again.

Mistress Haley did not want to deal with this guy because he was a con artist. She felt that he was better off punished as that would lead him to never repeating his mistake. The mistress knew that the best thing to do to him was to trample the shit out of him and she did it in a way he had never expected before in his life. This was through making him eat shit.

This guy was malicious towards mistress Haley. He did not know who he was dealing with and messing with but he found out soon enough once she was fed up and did not want to take any more of his bullshit. The mistress turned on him and she made him into a human toilet. He was fed poo and had to eat it all before she was done with him.

Mistress Haley had beef with her ex and she had to teach him a lesson. That is why she chose to deal with him in a way he had never experienced before. The mistress cruelly used the guy to try scat fetish that he had been dying to try for some time. The mistress had a great time at the ex's expense and he could not do anything about it.

Mistress Haley wanted to force this woman to do things her way. She had tried talking to her but it did not help. So she had to come up with something different to do to her and that is why she chose to use her shit. The mistress had packed it nicely and the woman got the shock of her life when she opened it and realized that she had to eat it.

Mistress Haley shit on herself and she went ahead to turn her slave into her human toilet paper. The mistress knew that he needed to be punished and she did not hesitate to do so. She made him lick her asshole and he had no choice but to do it since she is not the kind of person to take no for an answer. He licked her until her asshole was clean.

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