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Clips of sexy shitting girls

Mistress Madison did not see any value her sugar daddy was adding to her life. He was too demanding and yet he offered her very little. She was beginning to get tired of him and she wanted him out of her life. Her parting gift to him was to make him eat her shit which she forced him to. He could not believe it but his last memory of her was shitting on him.

Mistress Tulip had a male secretary and they got along well until he developed some habits she felt he had to change. She asked him to change but he was slow to do it. She did not have all the patience in the world to wait for him to change so she used her scat fetish to deal with him. As he ate her shit, he realized he had to change and he did.

Mistress Medea had a cousin who was a nuisance. She was concerned by how he did things and she felt that she had to punish and humiliate him for it because he did not stop when she asked him to stop. That is why she opted to teach him a lesson by shitting on him. The mistress noted an immediate change when he ate her shit as he did not want it to happen again.

Mistress Anna was with her friends as she plotted how to punish this guy. He had been doing things she had warned him not to do and she had to punish him for it. That is why the mistress chose to trample him, whip him and then shit on him. Her friends watched as she did it and they also joined in to make it a cruel and humiliating affair.

Mistress Muge knew that her ex was trying to get back at her by trying to seduce her sister. He thought that he could go and hit on her sister and then hurt her to get to mistress Muge. She was not interested in that kind of nonsense so she stopped the whole plan by trampling him and going as far as shitting on him so that he knew she was not messing around.

Goddess Dream had reached a dead end and for her to get herself out of it and continue to advance her cause, she had to dominate this guy which she did using her shit. The mistress wanted to scare the shit out of him so that he would play along and do what she wanted so that she would find it easy to advance her own cause. It all went according to plan.

When this guy bullied mistress Cristianali's sister, she knew that keeping quiet was not an option for her. That is why she went out of her way to team up with her sister in order to punish the guy. He was pinned down and he was forced to eat shit as well as drink urine. He was shocked as it was so extreme that he had never even thought about it himself.

Mistress Gaia was in a throuple with this mistress and this guy. They loved each other and enjoyed being naughty. It worked for them and today they wanted to try scat fetish. The guy agreed to be turned into a slave for the mistresses to shit on him and punish him. They braved the smell of poop and enjoyed all that happened. It was kinkier and naughtier than they had anticipated.

This mistress worked hard to supplement her husband's income and to increase their household income. But her husband got comfortable as her earnings increased and he started becoming lazy. She was put off by this behavior and she was not going to accept it. So she made him eat her poo for him to know that she would not let him get lazy and comfortable. He had to work harder than before.

This mistress found out that her slave had been sharing info about her and that angered her. She could not imagine living with such a person and so she had to punish him. She caned his balls painfully and then made him eat her shit. He had never been through such cruel punishment but he learned the art of minding his business, keeping secrets and not betraying others especially his boss.

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