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Clips of sexy shitting girls

Kelly is a very hardcore babe that enjoys scat play, but she also likes to play with herself. Kelly has many rings on her pussy, so when she decides it is time to play with herself, it will be very messy. Kelly is also going to take a shit when she is playing with her pussy. Rubbing her pussy and smearing the shit all over the place turns her on.

Lady Princess knows just how to treat her scat slave. She and her friend are going to take their shits and their pees in a giant bowl. They will then have their favorite human toilet get on his knees, so he can enjoy a nice meal of shit and piss from the bowl. The slave must be fed on a regular basis by the mistresses to keep them happy.

Princess Messalina is a sexy brunette mistress that knows how to humiliate her slaves as she makes them do whatever she feels like. She takes and makes her slave her human toilet as she has him line his mouth over her asshole and pushes out her creamy logs right into his mouth and makes him eat every last piece of her creamy shit. She makes sure that he swallows every last piece of her warm shit.

Noelia is a mistress that takes pride in creating wonderful displays of her shit. She will take the largest pee and shit right on a plate. Noelia will make her pee and poop a wonderful dish that only her slave is going to enjoy. Her human toilet gets the best shits from her tight little asshole. Pooping is one of her favorite activities to do.

Ariel Black is a super hot and erotic babe that loves to be adventurous with scat play. She finds that scat play alone isn't the only way to play. She is going to also have some fun with her farts as well. Her slave will be completely covered in not only shit, but the slave will endure some of her funky smells that come from her ass too.

A pretty Asian babe loves to shit, but her idea of a good time is shitting on her slave's face. She will have her slave get right by her asshole, so she can push out a huge shit right on his face. The poo pile is so big, the shit is covering her slave's entire face. He is going to eat all of her very stinky shit.

Mistress Gaia is a very sexy mistress that loves to get dressed up in sexy attire before she takes a huge shit on her slave. Mistress Gaia will sit on her plexiglass box that she uses when she takes her giant shit on her slave. The slave must eat the shit that falls out of Mistress Gaia's asshole. She is a very sexy mistress that loves scat play.

Miss Missa X is a stunning blonde mistress wearing white panties with a hole cut through them around her asshole. She then squats down and lets you get up close to her tight asshole. She then pulls her ass apart so that you can see her puckering asshole as it winks at you and gets ready to make a tasty treat. She then takes and pushes out a massive log onto the floor in front of you.

This girl pushed out a juicy little nugget from her butt hole even though she meant to push out a lot more. The nugget comes out brown and juicy on the clear floor making a sticky mess. There is a lot of pushing and ass hole flexing as she works the nugget out. she was hoping to push out more because her tummy was hurting but that;s all she got.

Jenicha loves when you are watching her push a nice fat sausage out of her ass hole and taking a nice piddle out of her pink pussy lips. She pushes out a dark creamy load and then takes a golden piss into the mess on the table top. She knows how much of a big fetish pervert you are and it totally turns her on as she knows you're watching.

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