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Clips of sexy shitting girls

Aline is a very sexy mistress, but she also loves to take the time to shit on her slave. She is going to make sure her slave is covered very nicely with shit on his face. She will sit down on her special chair, because she wants to push out a nice load of shit right on his face while she is laughing at how fucking pathetic her slave looks.

Lady Grace and her slaves are going to have a busy day full of lots of shit and humiliation. Lady Grace could care less if she makes her slaves feel like losers. She knows they are going to feel really bad, because she will take pride in shitting on her slaves. Lady Grace will also take the shower nozzle and spray each one of the slaves.

Jenicha likes to get her slaves up close and personal with her. One of her favorite things to do is take a shit, but she makes her slaves get right up by her asshole, so that she is able to take the biggest shit right in front of their face. She wants them to smell the nasty poop and make them get ready to eat up all the shit.

Four girls are going to have a total blast going to the bathroom taking a shit on a slave. The slave is really pathetic and a total loser, so the ladies have no problem making him look like a fool and shitting on him. The slave is going to be humiliated, and the ladies are going to laugh the entire time at how stupid he looks with shit on his face.

Lady Amy never has a dull moment. She is always hoping for something new to do, so when it comes time for a shit party, she is going to have a blast. She will have her slave on the ground, and all she is going to do is have all of her guest shit on the slave over and over again till the slave is covered in shit.

A mistress loves leaving a track for her slaves. She has a group of slaves that have instructions to follow her scent and gather her turds. Her poop has a very stinky smell and she also loves it when she can get her slaves in a frantic manner begging to get a clue to where she hides her shit. The rewards are so big if a slave wins.

Hot Jenicha is a pretty babe in pink. She is hoping to have a great time with her shit. She likes to doing things with her slaves and shit, but every now and then she is going to play in her own shit and smear the shit everywhere. Jenicha chuckles when she thinks about eating and tasting her own poo. Jenicha loves her shit and piss.

There is nothing better than a holiday day meal just for a slave. A pretty girl has been out partying and eating lots of food, so naturally she is ready to take a really big shit right on the slave's face. The pretty girl will get ready and let the slave open his mouth, because she is going to push out the biggest load of shit for him.

Lady Amy is always up for a good time, but now that she knows she is huge into scat play, and she has a fun time with scat play. Lady Amy is going to take the biggest shit right on her slave's face and laugh at him during the whole time. She is thrilled to have her friend's shit on the slave as well making him humiliated.

Missy and Chrissy together is a hilarious time together. They will do almost anything, but their favorite things involve a slave and shit. The ladies invited one of the biggest loser slaves over, and now the slave must get ready for not only shit and scat play, but the ladies are also going to have fun spitting on his pathetic loser face and humiliating him really bad.

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