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This mistress caught her houseboy sniffing her panties and she was not too pleased about it. She did not want to imagine the other things he could be doing to her clothes and other stuff when she was not around so she punished him to ensure he never thought of doing that kind of shit again. So she made him eat her pee and that was the end of it.

Mistress QS was asked to do a video on how to turn off a guy and she made a gross one that was bound to work nearly all the time. She made a video of her shitting and she asked guys to do it whenever they wanted to turn off a guy and do it when he was around and when he was watching. It was very popular and she got back positive feedback.

Mistress GingerScatXXX was interested in scaring this guy because she knew they would work well together if he was scared of her. So she chose to dominate him with her shit. She went ahead to turn him into a human toilet and she fed it to him. He washed it down with her pee and she felt that her work was done as he was deathly afraid of her and she did not need to do or say anything else.

Mistress April is an unforgiving person. When you mess with her, you have to be prepared for what she is willing to do to you. This guy was not prepared for what she was willing to do and that is how he ended up pissing her off and being dominated. He found himself eating her shit and drinking her pee. And that was after he had been whipped while naked.

This guy was too stubborn for mistress Iside and she had to do something about it. The mistress felt that it was better for her to find a way to deal with the guy as opposed to letting him keep being stubborn. So the mistress used her scat fetish to make him eat her poo and that was the end of it as she was able to degrade him and make him stop his stubbornness.

Goddess Ryan has a hot ass and she is never shy to show it off. Today was one of those days but she had a trick up her sleeve. She not only showed off her hot ass but she also smeared it with her poo. And she even took a video as she took a shit on the floor. It was gross and it was hot at the same time.

Mistress Busra wanted to make sure that this guy changed. He was full of bile and negative energy and she did not feel like it was good for him and for those around him. She tried to talk to him but it did not seem to do much. So she had to look for a different strategy and she settled on using her shit to get him to change and he did.

Mistress Wael felt that she was not getting her money's worth from this trainer and she had to do her best to get it. So she asked him to change and train her better in the areas she wanted and not what he thought she wanted but he did not change. She had no choice but to shit on him and that was when he changed as he realized she was not going to budge.

Lady Shay is a control freak and she loves to control people. She feels useless and exposed when she does not control people and so she had to make sure even this guy was under her control. But the guy proved a little difficult for her and she did not know how to react to that. So she made him eat her shit to scare him into submitting to her control.

Mistress Valeria was in a battle for control of a project at the boardroom level and she needed crucial votes. She knew how influential this guy was as he had the other half of the votes she needed. So she humiliated him with her shit to get him to give her the votes he controlled. This was after she had tried to bargain with him and give him a good offer but he refused.

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