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Mistress Mia does not like nosy people. Her slave was one and she warned him to stop it. But the guy ignored her and did not stop it. She was disappointed in him and she had to send him a message he would never forget. So she used her big ass to do it. As she smothered him, it occurred to her that she could also shit on him so she did it.

This mistress got into scat fetish and she wanted to make it easier for those who wanted to get into it to do so. She had to learn on her own and it was not easy. So she made a scat fetish tutorial for them and she loved how it came together. She did not need many takes to do it and most of it was one take. She then posted it for her subscribers.

Mistress Candy wanted this guy to eat her shit and so she came up with a way to do it. The mistress took a shit on the floor while the slave watched him and she then asked him to clean up after her. The slave was shocked at what she had done and what she was asking him to do but he had no say in the matter and he had to do as instructed.

Mistress Mummy wanted to show this guy what the price of being negative was. So she used her scat fetish to teach him a lesson. So she made him lie down and she instantly transformed him into a human toilet and he had no choice but to do what the mistress wanted. He stopped his negativity and changed for the better as he did not want to be degraded again.

Mistress Zephy felt like shitting on this guy and she did it without caring what the guy felt. She was of the opinion that he had to be dealt with and the way she did it was to trample him with her high heels to make him feel enough pain so that he would obey her when she finally asked him to eat her shit. And it worked exactly how she wanted it.

Mistress Mia had always wanted to put her slave in his place and she did it today with her shit. She laughed at him as he struggled to eat her shit and she felt heavenly as she did so to him. The mistress did not even care what she was putting the guy through. All she was concerned about was the fun she wanted to have by herself and not what he felt.

When this mistress realized that she was dealing with a slave who was full of shit, she knew that it was high time for her to use a different method to punish him. That is why she did not hesitate to punish the guy and do it in a cruel manner he had never expected. The mistress forced the guy to eat her poo and lick her asshole before she was done with him.

Mistress Mummy does not like it when she is disobeyed and when this guy did it, he had to face instant punishment. Mistress Mummy used her shit to degrade him and he had to learn his lesson the hard way. The mistress used her shit to show him that she was not messing around. So she smeared all of it on his face and he had to eat some of it.

Mistress Milana realized that this guy was a fake friend and she did not want to be surrounded by such people. So she used her shit to degrade him and she made sure that he was humiliated and that he was degraded so that he discovered the value of being a true friend. She turned him into a human toilet and he had no choice but to eat her poo and drink pee too.

Mistress Jennifer wanted this guy to realize that she was not going to let him get away with what he had done. So she chose to use her shit fetish to punish him as well as send that message. The mistress forced the guy to eat her shit and she laughed at him as he struggled to eat his poo. As she looked at him eat her shit, she knew the message was home.

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