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This mistress had been to her therapist lots of times but she did not seem to be getting better. She felt as if she was getting worse or not getting better. And that was no ok for her so she had to teach him a lesson which she did using her shit. He had to find a way to make her feel better or stop seeing her and refund a huge chunk of her money.

Mistress Dula and her slave had issues and she chose to humiliate her slave for it. She had to make her understand that she was not the kind of person to let others take advantage of her. So he chose to turn her shit into dinner and her slave had to eat her poo and then sleep. She saw to it that it happened as she wanted it to happen.

This guy was a sadist and this mistress did not like it. She told him that he needed to stop it and that he had to learn to have the best interests of others at heart. That is why she chose to shit on him and to make him eat her poop so that he would realize she was serious. He was shocked and agreed to change as she had asked him.

This mistress had asked this guy to do things the right way as she gave him the contract to do some works on her house. The contractor tried to take shortcuts in order to maximize on profits and he thought she would not tell. She was able to tell and she was so furious that she made the contractor eat her shit as punishment for what he had done. He wished he had not done it.

Mistress Anna had a dirty slave and she did not like it. She felt that she had to make him change into a clean person but before that happened, he had to understand what it would mean if he continued being dirty. The mistress turned the poor guy into a toilet slave and she forced him to eat her shit. That is how the guy learned to be a clean person.

Mistress Nica tortured this guy to the point that he was willing to pay her to stop. She needed money and that was her motivation for doing it. The mistress had the guy strip down and she turned him into her human toilet. He had to eat her poo and drink her urine. She also told him she wanted to puke on him. He did not want any more of what she had done to him and he paid her to stop.

This guy had thought that he was smart and he went ahead to misrepresent facts. He thought that the mistresses would not notice but they did and they did not like it. For what he had done, he had to be punished and that is why the mistresses chose to cruelly torture him. He was forced to eat poo as punishment and he had himself to blame for what happened to him.

This mistress had a slave who was late and she did not want it to be a thing. She had observed him and realized that he liked to be late. That was not ok with her and she had to do something about it. The mistress chose to punish the slave and to teach him a lesson which she did with her shit. The mistress fed it to him and he had to eat it.

Lady Scarlet loves to get even and she had to do it to this guy after he messed with her. The mistress did not care what the guy felt. All she knew was that she had to torture and degrade him and her punishment as well as humiliation was to be worse than what he had done to her. That is why she chose to torture him with her shit.

Mistress Haley had an assistant who did not like to do things the way he was asked. She had tried to mentor him but she felt that he did not want to do things the right way. She chose her shit as the most convenient and appropriate punishment for him. So he had to eat her poo and drink her urine before she was done with him. He never messed up again.

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