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After she took a shit as this slave watched, the mistress stained the toilet bowl with her shit. However, when she was done, the mistress had the slave lick the toilet bowl clean. He had to especially lick the parts with shit so that it would be as clean as she wanted it. He was shocked at her cruelty but he did what she asked as he did not have any alternative.

Mistress Klandestrina felt that her colleague was weighing her down as he was not a productive member of the team. She had to do his work as well as her own and she was fed up. She did not want him to lose his job and that is why she had to dominate him. The mistress cruelly peed on the guy and she forced him to eat her shit as well.

When this guy told this mistress that he could fuck her and make her get tired of cumming, she believed him. But he did not even give her one orgasm as he had a small dick and he could not fuck her well. He also came too quickly and she was so pissed that she facesat on him with her big ass and then shit on him before he finally had to lick her asshole clean.

This mistress did not want to shit on her slave. But she made him watch as she did it. He had to watch as she took a poop in his bedroom and he had to record her doing it. It was humiliating because of the smell as well as the fact that he had to clean up after her. It was not optional and he was forced to do it all.

Goddess Kitra had beef with her slave and it was because her slave was clueless. She had never had such a clueless slave and she felt that it was going to be tricky for her to work with him and have him in her house if he was that clueless. In an effort to make him change, the mistress forced him to eat her shit and lick her asshole, which he did.

Mistress Sandra was fed up with her slave and she had to act. She felt that her slave did not do things the right way and that is why she chose to make him feel humiliated and degraded for him to change. So the mistress facesat him and she also cruelly took a shit on him. Before she was done with him, she had him lick her asshole clean and he became her human toilet paper.

Mistress Medea loves to do crazy things and today she was into scat fetish which she did to her slave. She fingered the slave in the ass and excited her before she turned on her and she made her eat her shit. The mistress convinced her that it was all for fun and the gullible slave believed her and she did not even try to resist any of what she did.

Mistress Gaia had not planned to shit on this guy. He admired her ass and she had let him get close to it, smell it and even lick it. She wanted to also know what it felt like. But as he continued to do it, her mind wandered to what would happen if she took a dump on him. And as fate would have it, she felt like pooping at that instance. So she did it on his face.

This guy had messed up but instead of owning up to his mistakes, he tried to accuse mistress Gaia of doing what she had not done. She was so angered by his wrong accusations that she resorted to do something she had never done before. The mistress used her shit to dominate as well as degrade the guy. He was forced to drink her pee as well as to eat her poo and he owned up to his mistakes after that.

This mistress did not like how indifferent her boyfriend was. She thought that it was not ok and he had to change his behavior as well as his attitude. The mistress did this to make him change for the better. When he did not, she shit on him and that did the trick as he did not want to be degraded the way she had degraded him with toilet slavery.

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