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Clips of sexy shitting girls

This mistress noticed that she had a carpenter who was more interested in her than the work she wanted him to do for her. That is why she had to make him change his focus from her to his work. And this was done by the mistress turning him into a human toilet and feeding him her shit. It was degradation and humiliation of the highest order and it worked.

This mistress tried to look for who to try scat fetish on and she settled on her ex because she had nothing to lose by shitting on him. She did not want to pay anyone to eat her shit and she did not want to shit on someone who did not deserve it. That is why it was easier for the mistress to shit on her ex than anyone else.

This lawyer did not defend mistress Vivian as well as she expected to be defended and she had to make him try better. The case was not yet concluded but she knew he had to change tactics and that is why she set out to shit on him so that it was a wakeup call for him. He changed and that is how they were able to win the case.

Princess Nikki and mistress Medea had boyfriends who were friends. They put them through so much that the girls got closer and they started keeping each other company and that is how they came to start dating without their men knowing. Today they punished their men by shitting and peeing on them after they had made out and shocked their men with the revelation of them being bisexual. Then they dumped their men.

This guy was an international level swindler and he conned a lot of people and left them broke and some in debt. He had conned mistress Gaia and she was not going to let it go. So she tracked him down and she forced him to eat her shit and drink her pee. And she forced him to give her back the money he had conned her plus interest as it was a business to him.

Goddess L wanted her slave to eat as he was hungry. She did not want to cook for him and she did not want to buy anything as she was broke. So she chose to make him eat her shit as she had felt like shitting and did not want to waste it. He had to eat all of it as he was directed and he was full even before he started.

When mistress Mia realized that she had a crush on a guy who felt nothing for her, she knew it was a dangerous thing for her and she had to stop it at once. So she lured the guy to her house where she made him eat her shit and she humiliated him so that he would look different in her eyes and so that they would not be in good terms and she would cease to have a crush on him.

Mistress Ann has no time for rogue employees and she chose to teach this one a lesson. The mistress did it with her shit and in no time, she had managed to force him to eat her shit and to drink her pee. She asked him to smear the shit on him and when he hesitated, the mistress went ahead to do it for him and asked him to continue.

Mistress Cara had a troublesome slave and she felt that he had become too much. She did not mind the occasional trouble but for him it was constant and she could not keep up with him. So the mistress made him sit back and take stock of his life and make changes by shitting on him and forcing him to eat her poo as well as endure painful body trampling.

Mistress Tulip wanted to get something to gift this slave and she felt that her shit was the best and worst thing she could give him. She felt it was the best because it was a product of some expensive food she had eaten and it was also a product of a process that took place inside her. But then again it was shit and it was smelly and gross. So it was also the worst thing.

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