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Clips of sexy shitting girls

This sexy mistress is full of shit and she wants to share it all with you. She starts out with her ass against a counter as she starts getting ready to shit you can see her puckering asshole. She then pushes out a long creamy log that coils up on the counter as she pushes it out for you to enjoy. She then sits down on the toilet and finishes shitting just for you.

Mistress Messalina is a sexy brunette school girl who is having some fun wearing wearing her school uniform as uses her slave as her human toilet. She sits over her slaves face on her portable toilet as gets ready to take a shit on her slaves face. She pushes out a creamy and semi firm log that hangs on her ass as it enters her slave mouth and a pile of creamy shit follows it and goes all over her slaves face.

This sexy Ebony Mistress got up this morning and made her slave some eggs for breakfast because she was was in a good mood. Her slave actually had the nerve to complain that the eggs were to runny and he did not want them. She took his plate and sat it on the floor and squatted down over it and shit all over his eggs and made him eat them all.

Scatty Girl is a new amateur scat mistress that is at a party when she has to take a shit. She finds the bathroom but discovers that the toilet is not working so she gets into the bathtub instead and spreads her legs apart and drops her semi-soft logs into the tub. She then gets naked and uses her hands to rub the shit all over her body and face until she is covered in shit from head to toe.

You dirty rat! I know that you love to watch me shitting! I already can see the bulge in your pants! You want to jerk-off? Pervert! But of course... I will spread my legs for you. Now you have a nice view at my shaved pussy and my tight asshole. And here I go! I press out this tiny piece of shit just for you! Come and get your chocolate drops now, my little pervert! And join me while I finish smoking my cigarette...!

Mistress Jenicha is a sexy brunette mistress that has chapped lips that need to be taken care of. She has a special formula that she uses just for her lips that always seems to help make them softer. She uses her ass to push out a small pile of shit and then she puts some of the creamy scat on her finger and rubs it over her lips like lip glass to make them softer.

This chick takes a nice brown love nugget on top of the counter top as she squats down and spreads her puckering anus and hairy vagina to let all of the shit out. She hops off the counter and accidentally spreads some of her shit between her ass cheeks. She wipes it all up and gives you a good look at her shit smear on the toilet paper.

This sexy brunette mistress really had to go bad and once she sits down on the toilet naked nothing is stopping her from pushing out the log that she has been holding inside for a while. You can hear the sound of the log falling out of her tight asshole and it plopping into the water below her ass as she pushes it out. She then stands up and lets you see what she made for you.

Arab Princess Messalina humiliates her slave as she has him tied up and then takes a hot nasty shit all over his face. The slave has his mouth wide open waiting for the princesses shit as she squats over his face and unleashes the brown mess right on top of him. He takes in all of her shit into his open mouth as she spreads her asshole for him

This slave is being used as the human toilet by two different mistresses at the same time and he is literally being filled with shit by his sexy mistresses. The first of the mistresses sits on the portable toilet and drops out several think firm logs that go into his mouth and he eats every bite. Then the second mistress does the same thing but he is full and is not able to eat her shit.

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