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When it comes to punishments, few come close to this mistress. What makes her lethal is because she is very patient. She waited till the day she had diarrhea then she used it to humiliate her slave. She shit on his face and straight into his mouth and forced him to lick her shit. The slave was humiliated and degraded but he did not have a choice but to do as told.

These mistresses are friends and they both love shit fetish. But they had always done it alone and today they had an idea of trying it and doing it together. It sounded like a great plan so they went to the house of one of them. They turned her slave into a human toilet and forced him to eat their shit and swallow it. They smeared it all over his face as well.

Mistress Alina wanted to prank her slave cruelly. She knew he would come back home very hungry. She shit on a plate and then packed it into little food containers. She then kept it in the fridge and waited for him to come. When he did, she gave it to him and she forced him to eat it. The poor slave had to eat her shit and swallow it too.

This mistress enjoys nothing the way she enjoys shitting. It is the one thing she can do anytime anywhere. She does not need a reason to do it. She can do it however and whenever she feels like. She forced this slave to eat her shit just because she felt like it and not because he had done something wrong like other mistresses do. For her, she only needs to want it and it is done.

Shitting on slaves is what mistress Anna is good at and what she loves to do. She never gets tired of doing it and can do it all day long if she has a chance. She is always on the look out for problems so that she can use them as scapegoats to shit on slaves and losers. When this slave came back late from where she had sent him, she used that as an excuse to shit on him and have him eat it.

Mistress JosslynKane was horny and she was all alone in the house. Being a kinky mistress, she had to satisfy herself in the best way possible. So she got her dildo and down to work. She undressed and sat on the floor. She used her dildo on her ass and within a few minutes, she had shit on herself. She smeared the shit on herself and even blew the dildo which was full of shit.

This mistress likes to bully others. She has different times when she is a normal person and when she is a bully. She likes to be a bully especially when she comes up with a new way to humiliate a loser or a slave. She was trying shit fetish today so she went and got her victims who she enjoyed to shit on and made them eat the shit and swallow it.

This mistress wanted to try shit fetish but she did not want to do it like everyone did it. She wanted to try a different angle so she made it look like a competition where she made guys to eat different things and whoever would eat everything would win it. Her secret ingredient to it was shit and pee. And for the grand prize, one had to eat shit in order to win.

Mistress JosslynKane was bored in the house and with nothing to do and nobody to do it with, she decided to pass time doing crazy things. As she racked her brain on what to do, she felt like farting. When she farted, she found that she had shit on herself. Instead of freaking out that she had shit on herself, she had fun and straight out continued shitting on herself and smearing it on her ass and on her body.

Mistress Ezada had gone for a trip and when she came back, she found her house was a mess. She was pissed off as she had left the slave with firm instructions of what to do and what not to do. But he had disregarded them and she had to make sure that never happened again. So she shit on him and for good measure made sure he ate it all.

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