Scat Fetish Videos

Clips of sexy shitting girls

This lovely scat goddess feels like doing some baking for you. Her main ingredient is her own shit. She knows you like shit eating so she serves you up some scat cakes. All she had to do is shit out a bunch of turds in a pan and heat them up. She makes sure they are warm and squishy for you when you eat her turds. She loves baking shit.

Mistress Gaia makes her slave worship her feet. She makes him lick the soles of her shoes, but she has much more humiliating things in store for him. She makes him lie down and he thinks maybe she is going to torment him with facesitting. It turns out much worse when she starts shitting in his mouth. She fills his mouth with smelly turds so she can dominate him with shit eating.

Hey, I'm Summer the pale skin tattooed scat princess. I bend over and spread my ass in front of you. I start squeezing out some huge turds. I know you love watching me take a giant poop right in the floor. Look at my tender asshole spread open as i drop the turds out. I know you like it messy so I start smearing my shit around. Can you smell it?

Jae is a stunning brunette scat princess who is very horny. She spreads her legs and puts her pussy right in your face. She reaches back and starts fingering her asshole. Suddenly, she pulls her finger out of her ass and a huge turd comes out. She leaves a pile of shit in the floor and gives you the middle finger. She hopes you liked watching her take a huge shit.

I know that you are completely addicted to me! And so it's very easy for me to tease you... especially with my sexy pink panties! I fill them with my delicious shit and... I know that you want to eat my shit, won't you...!? So I have a very good idea - and I'm going to prepare some brownies for you! Just taste them and you will find out that they are the most delicious sweets you ever tasted... *g*

Alexa shit on herself and made a video to upload on the internet. She wanted to make a few bucks from that because she learned that that particular fetish was sought after

Sophie did not have toilet paper and she was pressed. She just on herself because she knew her slave would clean her up

Alexa was chatting with her boyfriend on webcam. They had a great time and when it was at its peak, she shit on herself and started smearing it on her ass to disgust him

Pooping her pants is what this mistress likes. She enjoys the feeling of her shit feeling her pants and in a weird way, she likes the smell as well

Alexa was mad at her boyfriend. She knew he was horny but she wanted to disgust him. She smeared herself with her poop and he was disgusted to see it all

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